Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking care of Mother Earth

Living in a time where selfishness is the key word, and streets being treated like garbage, if we don't pay attention to our attitudes, it may become easy to follow the crowd and simply forget how dependable we are on Mother Nature to live. At home, I teach Lucas that we must respect the Earth as something sacred, so some basic steps are taken everyday not to make things worse. I know this is not going to save the world, but at least my conscience is clean and I'm not being part of its destruction.

For instance, we recycle. We have this big garbage can with partitions for each recycling group. Every empty packaging, from juice bottles to rice plastic bags, is washed and dried before being put in the can, as well as the diary newspaper we subscribe. Lucas is in charge of putting every item on its proper partition, and is all proud of doing so. There's this local ONG that every Thursday collect our stuff, and we know that we're helping them to keep people working in their company, and the material taken will be recycled into something useful again, thus not polluting as it would happen if it was simply taken by ordinary garbage collectors.

We teach him never to throw garbage away in the streets, better to keep the candy paper or the empty plastic glass of water in his hands until the next trash can - there are hundreds of them spread along the sidewalks, so I can't understand why people can behave so badly about it. I keep imaging how their houses are! I avoid as much as possible to take plastic bags from supermarkets or other shops, because I now plastic takes a hundred years to decompose, and I don't want this guilt on my back. So usually I use this cute ecobag to take my regular shoppings home.

This is my humble pagan contribution to keep this world a little better, and what makes me feel good is that I know my son is going to be a conscious and responsible man in the near future about his Mother home... I hope.


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