Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Night Reading

At home, reading is so natural, necessary and basic as breathing. We have this big white bookcase at the living room full of books we got along the years, and it's my fav furniture. There's a whole section with magickal books, and Lucas once in a while picks one up to see the images and to ask bout what's written. He's got his own bookcase, with a growing collection of kid's books and comics. I try to read something for him everyday, from Brazilian comics to Asterix (he loves it, and so do I!). I always let him grab our books since he started crawling, only putting out of his reach the ones I didn't want to get crunched or drooled up, or eventually ripped.

So last weekend we bought some new books, including the three first Harry Potter (I know, I know... Ididn't have them yet, though we watched the movies...). Lucas immediately begged me to read the first one before sleeping. And there I went, curling myself up in his little bed, with my little witch by my side, all happy. The story, for those who haven't read it yet, does not have exactly a happy narrative, but Lucas was all attention, and complained when I stopped after the first chapter. He simply loved it, so since last Saturday, this is our new ritual, reading Harry Potter before praying for Mama Goddess and sleeping. We're at chapter five tonight, and he can hardly wait to se what happens next. If I had any doubt about he would inherit our passion for literature, maybe I can feel relieved now :)

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Marcia said...

We love to read as well. Victoria grabs books and brings them to me all the time. She still has a shorter attention span and sometimes we don't make it through the whole book, but for the most part she listens intensely and repeats words or points out things in the pictures.