Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to kindergarten with the sword of courage

Lucas restarted kindergarten last week, and restarted crying when taken to the classes, as if he's readapting himself to the schoool's routine, all over again. We talk a lot with him at home, and he knows kidergarten is a good place, it's just that he doesn'twant to be away from us and from his toys. So, lately, patience is the main word for us...

In the begining of last year, together we made a little ritual to give him courage to face the new situation in his life. He drawn a sword on paper, and we consacrated it at our altar, charging it with good vibes. The sword was then placed into his rucksack's pocket, and there it stayed through all the year. Last night we renewed our ritual. Lucas remade the sword on colored paper, then we burned the old one into the cauldron, thanking it for the strenght it gave on the previous year, and we charged the new one. We replaced the new sword on his rucksack, and there it will stay during 2008, to encourage my son on his second year of kindergarten. This ritual seems to calm down my little witch, and that's what matter, after all. Actually, after some weeks, he is so well adapted that he forgets the sword is there!

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