Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family gathering and a surprise for my son!

Hello, everybody!
Yesterday we had here one of those days that I love: a barbecue with family! We just loooove to get together on Saturdays, that's it, when we have it. My brothers, my sister and their respective kids, my lovely & crazy txi driver aunt Sandra from Rio, and a couple of friends came, and despite of the endless rain that was falling since three days ago, he had it. We took the barbecue stuff to the back part of the house and havd fun, while the kids were running in and out. Brazilian barbecues are very different from the ones made in the US and other countries, I think. We don't have hamburguers, only big specific pieces of read meat and chicken, along with sausage and some thick slices of cheese. It's delicious (Though I only eat chicken and cheese...)! We spent a great time chatting, "gossiping" like only families know how to, laughed a lot (I told my "Fun with mom" moment, my siblings loved it!, I have to get the barbecue photos with my brother to post here, I forgot taking them, too busy eating and talking! LOL

But I did took this morning photos of the best surprise I could give Lucas last Friday night to celebrate Children's Day next Monday - I forgot posting yesterday with all this barbecue and giveaways stuff !)... a golden fish!

He got crazy when he got home from school and found the bowl with this cute fish, in our bedroom. He knew he would get it for that day, but he thought it would only be here then! This sweet fish is a Japanese, and Lucas called him "Rei Arthur" (King Arthur), because he's golden like his crown. LOL He is totally in love with it, and feed it 3 times a day under my careful eye. The fishbowl is too empty, but I could only buy the basic stuff to keep him alive. As soon as I can, I'll add some plants, AND definitely a new friend, because Arthur is too lonely there, and I can't stand the sight of it swimming alone. He needs a girl fish!

Lucas was dying to have a pet, and as here at mom it's impossible to have a fur pet, due to my brother's alergy, a fish was the only option, since I would never have a bird in a cage. Actually to have this fish, I had to breath deeply once or twice, because it's hard for me to watch it in that glass prision, alas... But Lucas got so happy, and he's being such a brave little boy, he surely deserved it! That big proud smile i everything to me! :o) Now I'll read everything about this art of keeping a happy fish at home, tips and advices are more than welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that's so perfect! Glad Lucas is taking care of it too so far. You have the best holidays in Brazil I must say!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi my dear! I have an aquarium, too, it was a gift. It used to drive me crazy, I could not stop thinking "That is their whole world, those poor fish in that little watery world!" but then I thought how very long they can live in an aquarium as opposed to getting eaten in the wild. And your aquarium is very roomy for a goldfish. My only gripe about goldfish is that they are very dirty fish. When you can afford it, get a little air pump, a filter, and try for a real living aquarium plant. I have many plants now in my aquarium and the fish have lived 7 years. DO NOT be fooled into getting a snail, we did and it was awful.

Anonymous said...

Your barbeque with family sounded delightful! Those kind of gatherings are the best kind.

I love the name King Arthur that Lucas picked for his fish. So fitting! If you add more fish friends in the future, try to get bottom feeder fish like a cat fish or algea eaters. They actually live by eating the scum at the bottom of the tank which helps keep it clean. The owner of the store that sells you fish and supplies should know what I mean.


Tori said...

That's great! I'm glad Lucas is enjoying his new pet.

Rue said...

Long live King Arthur!

Glad you had such a fun weekend!

Bridgett said...

The BBQ sounds awesome.
And yay for a pet!

He looks so happy to have his beautiful goldfish. :)