Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ABC Wednesday - N is for Nature

Last Thursday was Teacher's Day here. I topok Lucas to Petropolis Imperial Museum's garden. It's a gorgeous place where I used to go when a teenager, to read my books, enjoying the almighty Nature surrounding me.

Lucas adored the place, and took several beautiful photos of many plants and flowers (now he says he wants to be a soccer player AND a botanic photographer!). Here are some of my favorite ones:

One of the paths in the area:

Anther path... Imagining those old guys walking around here...

He found these curious flowers, I just don't know what they are?

This ancient palm tree under a six-year-old perspective:

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12 comentários:

Miss_Yves said...

Congratulations, Lucas!
I love the strange flowers and the ancient palm tree!
The photo of the God Apollo was gorgeous, too.

Marcia said...

Those are beautiful photos! Makes me want to hop on a plane out of this city just to take in the peacefulness.

Anonymous said...

I adore pictures of nature! Love the palm tree from Lucas' view!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I hope I can someday visit your beautiful city!

annies home said...

would love to have played in amongst the plants when I was a little girl

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes! Isn't nature wonderful? And your captures are fabulous! We did come up with the same N word, didn't we? Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours!

Enjoy your day!


Danni said...

What a beautiful way to spend the day! I adore the palm tree from your wee witch's perspective. :)

Tumblewords: said...

What a beautiful place to spend a day - or more - great photography!!

Suzie Ridler said...

What a beautiful day and to end it with being the winner on Mrs. B's blog just rocks, I'm so happy for you!

Roger Owen Green said...

lovely scenes

Dragonstar said...

What a lovely place Nydia. Lucas did so well with those photos, particularly the palm tree - I love the way he caught the patterns in that one.

By the way, I'm also visiting as a Team member, to thank you for posting this week. Maybe I should have visited twice? ;)

Bridgett said...

Oh my...that palm tree picture is just gorgeous!

Your little witch definitely has an eye for photography!