Friday, November 28, 2008

A sweet surprise

Lately we've got such good surprises coming from mail, but this one was one of the sweetest. When  coming back home after picking up Lucas at school, we've got mail fom Kris! She sent an awesome CD for Lucas, with Harry Potter songs (that he absolutely adored listening to while dancing and playing with dad with his little metal cars), a gorgeous card (not by coincidence, exactly the one I thought it was the cutest) and surprise! Three amazing magnets and one pendant with photos of myself and my men! How cool is that?! I got taken with her generosity and creativity, they are made out of bottles' caps! I'm wearing my pendant right now. The magnets are above Lucas' Goddess at the fridge, he said they would look nice there. I just loved everything, Kris! Thanks for making a little witch happy!

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, I'm glad Lucas liked the Wizrock! Those are some of my favorite songs to listen to, lol! Such fun and with such humor.

I'm glad the pendant made it there in one piece. I was so afraid that it would get smashed or broken going such a long way!

I'm still working on my nerve to share things that I make with people, so I'm glad you liked these, lol!

I got the pictures of the witch hat incense holder. I'm going to try my hand at making something similar. If it turns out, the first one is yours :O)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Good morning, just making my daily blog rounds! Looks like you got some wonderful surprises in the mail!

Tori said...

Those are amazing gifts! Mrs. B. is so creative and kind. I'm glad they put a smile on Licas' face. =)

Anonymous said...

How adorable!!

Lon time no chit chat lol!

Marcia said...

I wanted to share this with you!!

-Marcia said...

Tô perdida aqui no meio de um monte de coisas legais desse blog.
O jeito que vc mistura as novidades de wicca com o Lucas e o cotidiano é muito legal.
Aliás, mistura não sei se é o termo. Acho que separar essas coisas é que seria louco, imagina...
Separar o que a gente abraça prá ser nosso... Impossível.
Bjão e volto mais por aqui.