Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New witchycrafties - Part II

Okay, so the nightmare goes on, but it will be over soon, be patient! lol

Remember my last giveaway? The Ostara/Mabon set? Suzie was the winner picked my little witch, and she chose Baby Hestia, so I coordinated the items for her. I still need to create a Big Hestia. She's my favorite Goddess, and I just love how She ended up as a Baby, with the wooden spoon and the broom crossed on her chest. In the bigger version I can add more of Her symbols, I'll make it next week, hopefully! She set must be arriving one of these days in Canada:

Then two great and sweet ladies came with the same request for me to create Morrigan - there's o such thing as coincidence in my world... It was a pleasure to embroider Her for them, I'm so in love with Celtic deities lately! I placed a raven under the waning moon with her swords, shield and spear, and filled Her with mugwort. She's becoming popular at the shop:

And here's Her Duo:

... And talking about Duos, I'm trying to make one for each Goddess. I have these two, besides the three others I already posted before:

... And Mabon:

I'll be happy when I have a Baby and a Duo for all the deities. A day at a time...

And to close this never-ending post with a Halloween spice, I've got a new pumpkin keychain, filled with mugwort and cinnamon, as well as a ghostie (this is relisted, but couldn't help recreating it!):

Soo.. That's it! Everybody can wake up now and relax, lol! At least, until my next "new witchycrafts" attack! ;)

5 comentários:

Alexis Kennedy said...

These are so adorable, Nydia! I love them all. Thank you so much for creating a Morrigan doll! I can't wait to receive mine!

Wendy said...

Nydia, these are wonderful! I'd love a "Crone" doll (hint-hint) and when I get my next paycheck around the 16th, I' think I'll pop on by. They're all so magickal and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your fingers must be so sore!! They are all beautiful creations, Nydia!

Lots of love and kisses to you and Lucas...


moonshinewitch said...

Nydia, These are truly stunning, you are a VERY talented lady - I wish I could make things!! Well done and keep up the good work!
Moonshine x

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the cornacopia design !
I've been making dream pillows all week instead of little dolls for a change in pace . my ds24 loves mugwort it is the alltime fav sleep eeze herb we use .
I love your duo work Nydia ☺