Monday, September 29, 2008

Monochrome Monday.

Aileni, my dear friend from Loose Ends, created this cool meme where the rules are: "original prints, but converted digital images, sepia and images that comprise black and one other colour only", according to his words.
I was longing to join ths group for a long time, and today I made it!

This is, of course, Lucas, at our favorite park last Saturday. He was all busy playing with some flowers' seeds and didn't notice me, or he would throw me his professional smile...

You'll find more Mono Maniacs on his side bar!

3 comentários:

Anonymous said...

Well done, you made it!
Your model is going to ask why you photographed the back of his head - you will have to explain that you wanted his very black hair as a contrast...:)`

Nydia said...

:o) I love the back of his head! It's still that baby-like way... And I didn't want him to turn around so I let him play while I took this photo super-fastly!

Dragonstar said...

Lucas is so photogenic! He makes a lovely picture whatever he's doing.