Friday, September 19, 2008

An award from deep seas

Ocean, my cool friend from Deaf Pagan Crossroads, gave a sweet surprise by passing on me this cute award. She was so generous and lovely in her description of my page that it really moved me.

Ocean created the Deaf Pagan Crossroads as a way to help people understand the world of paganism when it's lived in deafness... Or the other way round. As she herself describes it, the blog was built as a bridge between different aspects of the same world. She wisely writes about the Craft and I've been following her up a long time already. She's a must reading!

So the rules for passing on this award:

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received the award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Put links of those blogs on yours

5. Leave a message on the blogs nominated

That's the hardest part, as usual, it's torturing picking up only a few blogger friends from my list! But I understand that this way you can call attention to some of the blogs you love by nominating them, not simply saying "everybody on my blogroll, grab this!" (although every time that's what I wanna do, I really think everyone on my side bar deserves them, those blogs rock!), which wouldn't make other people visit others out of curiosity by your description if it wasn't like that. When I get an award, I try to make a "rota" among my friends so everybody wins.

So this time, the Oscar goes to some artistic friends...

1. Mrs. B., from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. She's got that touch of irreverence while talking about serious stuff and is one of the most creative & active witches of the Net! There are always something cool on her page: delicious recipes, great tips on paganism, giveaways - can't wait for October -, hilarious post on Tanner the cat... I can "proudly" say I was probably the first to read her first post times ago, and got addicted to her!

2. Michele, from The Rocky Mountain Retreat. An amazingly skilled photographer who portraits her area in Canada with breathtaking photos - I always learn a lot about that special place through her eyes. She's got a sweet heart and is one of the strongest, more focused girls I've ever met, I'm honoured to be her friend. The way she deals with the story of her life is a lesson of knowing that keep walking straight up ahead is the answer.

3. Janet, from Artopia. She is a wonderful artist whose drawings always make me smile. She's got charming black & white and coloured moleskine ladies with big, dreaming eyes, and also art journal pages full of intensity and passion. I always enjoy visiting her page and drinking from her talent.

4. Val, from The Illustrated Garden. This is another awesome artist who has amazing botanical illustations, and as she's an avid gardener, there are lots of information and tips on the subject. I'm always on her track.

5. SkullBlossom. She's a teacher who deals with tough kids and is persistent on her struggle to give them some hope to live, and in her free time she recently created this blog where displays tons of cool graphics (currently on the Halloween mood!) she creates and alters, that can be freely picked up, and changed to each person' taste - I have already grabbed the two owls that is on my side bar. Must take a look!

6. Gemma, from A Desert Garden. Another concerned teacher who finds in art an expression of herself. She's a lady who walks with a little girl by the hand all the time, and recently she decided letting the little girl chase her fairies around. Her posts are filled with wise, deep thought words.
7. Suzie, from Suzie's Sacred Space. This girl exempts comments. She's a powerful witch with a heart made of bright light. She undoubtely became an influence on my spiritual path, and her words takes my mind & heart to a different level. As a bonus, she's a jewelry crafter whose pieces are enchated with beauty and magick.

5 comentários:

Janet said...

Oh, thank you so much for all your kind words about my blog and my art.

I have been out of town and just got back so I'm behind in everything but will put my aaward on as soon as possible.

Thanks again and big hugs,

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Aww, thank you, Nydia! I'm proud to call you a friend :O)

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you much my sweet friend and congratulations on all these awards, you really deserve them. I appreciate your kind words in particular and not to worry, I won't go back to my old haunted house alone (if I ever make back to BC). I would seriously considering living in that house again, I have wonderful memories despite the spookiness and miss it very much, but not the ghost.

gma said...

Congratulations to you and Thank you dear Nydia for this award!!! It is so wonderful connecting with you and other people around the world.
sending love

~SkullBlossom~ said...

Thank you Nydia, for including me. It is appreciated! I enjoy your blog despite our being from very different outlooks on religion! Religious differences don't matter. What matters is that you have a good and kind heart and are a creative, caring person.