Tuesday, May 6, 2008


As everyone knows, this year Samhain was sad for me. But at the same time I was ok, knowing that my sister was on her way to heal her spirit with the precious help of my dad. So I just put her photo along with my dad's and my grandparents' on the altar and got ready for the evening ritual.

I baked an apple pie in the afternoon, and while is was on the oven, we wrote two lists on separate pieces of paper: on one of them, we wrote everything we wanted to get rid in our lives, and on the other, everything we wanted to have on the new year that was starting. Lucas wanted to "write" his own lists, and it was funny because he said that there was nothing bad in his life, but ended up saying he didn't want to have tonsilitis anymore (poor boy!), and that was all for that list. On the 'good' list he put he wanted to keep playing with his friends, to visit lots of new places and to keep the love in his life and ours, have more toys and chocolats (LOL).

In the evening I lit two candles, for the Goddess and the God. Lucas opened the circle as usual and we prayed for them. Lucas was oh so sweet, saying a special prayer for her holding the wand that I had to hold myself not to cry. Then I burned the papers on the cauldron, charging them with the proper vibes, and while we watched the flames we talked about our dear ones that were gone. We ended up having a good time, eating apple pie and cookies, as I told Lucas funny stories about my grandfather (and he had many!), and obviously, Dedê. I felt my heart so calm with my son on my lap, and could really feel their warm energy surrouding us. Lucas closed the circle saying goodbye to them and that was it. He had his dinner, I gave him a shower and put him to sleep. Then Rodrigo arrived and we prayed a little bit together.

All I can say is that after that I'm feeling better about my sister. Of course, I still have times when I cry, remembering little things about her, our conversations, and her suffering, but on the average, I'm ok, as well as my family. I want to thank everybody who sent me sweet words of support. And the Wheel turns once more...

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Michele said...

What a wonderful post. Know that I am with you in thoughts and prayers and I send you a big big hug!

Turtleheart said...

Sounds like a beautiful Samhain ritual. I wondered if you would feel up to doing something... I'm glad the ritual brought you some comfort and good memories. You have been in my thoughts.


Dragonstar said...

You obviously had a good ritual, very healing and calming. And the Wheel turns. My thoughts are still with you.