Thursday, May 22, 2008

New meme!

My friend Marcia is launching this new weekly meme, that I think it's going to rock! Following the ABC Wednesday basic idea, every Friday she'll be posting about a favorite product or webstore, starting with a letter - the first one, tomorrow, will be with the letter B. Then, everybody else who wants to join the fun, will just post about any another product with the same first letter that you like and became a favorite, i. e. a book, a kid's clothes store, food, car stuff, etc. There'll be a Mr. Linky set up for it. I think it'll be great to discover new things to try at home, and I can imagine the variety of items that will come out every week, since every kind of product or store is allowed - as long as good sense is watched, of course. On the image above there's the link to her blog with the meme's detailed instructions. So let's play? I'll for sure! :)

2 comentários:

Marcia said...

Thanks so much for helping! I just get really interested in things other people have found. The product I'm featuring tomorrow is something that I really really want to buy. I like to hear from people that have actually found the products or stores and why they like them. I figured this will open up some new places in the corners of the internet I haven't been to.

Michele said...

Hi Nydia, sounds like a fun meme... I wish it was a different day because Skywatch is Friday and it's a HUGE meme and keeps me busy for the day... otherwise I'd be in there with you guys! But I'll check in and see your neat products!