Saturday, May 10, 2008

A great pre-Mother's Day

And yesterday was Mother's Day party at Lucas' school... and guess what?? He sang! YES! When I arrived, there was he on line with his little friends waiting for us, moms, with a little paper flower in hand. This was when they would sing the first song, and he got blushed and mouth shut. Okay, I was already ready for that:

But all proud to be there, he led me to where his painting was, and here it is his master piece (he said this is me with a leaveless tree on my side and a red sun above me, and grass under my feet - he didn't need to say that, it's so obvious! hehehe. It's already on my bedroom's wall).:

Then we went to the cocktail area, where he stood in line again and this time, he sang the Mom's song, looking into my eyes. I was so surprised and happy that I forgot to take a photo of the moment!! I only took one in the beggining, when they were still getting ready (I hope you can see him in the middle of the others - easy, he's the only one without uniform, we thought he could go with his own clothes...):
I was so proud, my heart was beating so fast... He won his little inner battle! The rest fo the party was so cool, perfect to my eyes. He was happy, playing with his friends, and we felt he took a new step forward in his life.

I wish all moms a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow, surrounded by light and warm feelings with your dear ones! :)

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Dragonstar said...

Ah Nydia, what a brave wee boy you have! He may always have "nerves" before performing (after all, who doesn't?) but he's managed that all-important first step.
Well done Lucas!
Please give him a quick hug from me.
And have a wonderful Mothers' Day (we had ours back in March)

Patty said...

I know you are a proud mom. Happy Mothers Day to you.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

YAY... Happy Mother's day to you!

Have a wonderful week, I'll keep checking on you!

Marcia said...

Aww that's so cute! You have such a beautiful family. Lucas is growing so fast! I can't wait (but I'm not rushing it) for V to sing to me and make me stuff. My work office will be covered with the pictures I'm so proud of.

Turtleheart said...

This is so wonderful that he faced his fear and sang with his class for you! What a beautiful Mother's Day gift.

Also wanted to let you know that my blog has moved to blogger:

Hope to see you there!