Friday, May 9, 2008

Performing block

So it's a fact. Lucas has a block when it comes to "public performing"... Last year, at the Christmas party in his school, he didn't want to take part of the little circus performing, and was nervous at the idea of having to do it. We (the teacher and I) calmed him down ad he watched everything from my lap.

Now it's the Mothers' Day party, again at school. He was all excited, because there will be a "vernissage" (can't wait!), with special paintings from the little artists, followed by a cocktail, and was trying hard to hide his surprise, the painting he's made for me. But... they will sing two songs in the opening. And last night, he realized in his little mind that he would have to sing along with his friends. A storm fell over our heads. He kept saying that he 'didn't want to sing, please, mom ask Auntie Monique (that's how they acll the teacher, as Auntie) to allow him not to sing'. Ad nauseum until sleep time, and this morning, the same thing. I explained that it would be cool if he joined the group, that he would have fun after losing his fear, but also showed him that I would respect him and love him even if he didn't want to.
No matter how many times I calmly, patiently assured him that he would't be forced to sing, he couldn't keep himself from repeating over and over. For those who know him, it's a contradition. He loves his school, his friends, everything, UT performing. *sigh* What can I do? I respect him, seems like he's just like that, it's his nature, and I can't make things worse forcing him to do it. Of course, I'd love to see him singing, but it would be a nightmare, and the whole party would be ruined for him.

So this afternoon, we'll meet him there and will see all the paintings, have fun, eat some goodies, and listen to his little friends sing. I'll take some photos, of course, and post here!

Have any of you had the same problem with your kids or yourself? I'd love to know about it and learn more...

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Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

I haven't had this issue, but I really look forward to hearing how it went, and seeing the pictures. He looks like someone who will blossom one day into a beautiful butterfly.

Enjoy the larva stage... one day he will spread his wing and you will watch from the edge of your seat, remembering how he used to watch from the edge of you lap.

Perhaps it's a bit of the dieties who are watching with a mischevious glint in their eyes, they do like to play tricks on us, only to throw us a curve ball!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day if I don't tell you on Sunday!!