Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ABC Wednesday - P

Today is letter P, and here are my Parents at their honeymoon, 54 years ago, on one of my favorites photos. I was very lucky and blessed with loving, caring parents who were also very fun, as a bonus. They first met when my then 20-year-old mother spent school vacations at a farm that was neighbour to my 38-year-old dad's father's farm. And it was love at first sight, as mom says. She was engaged to another person then, but broke up after the vacations (surprisingly with her family support - at that time it was a scandal to break up an engagement!!), and the rest is History... They were happily married for almost 50 years, until my father's death in 2001, victim of cancer - I took the second photo months before it happened . I have beautiful and funny memories of them together and it probably reflects on my own relationship with my husband and my son:

...And of course, Paganism is also the word. From the Latin word Paganus meaning rural, people from the country, it's used to designate Nature-based religions, and for me is also a phylosophy and a way of living. I was born Catholic, being baptized, but since an early age I have always felt this connection with Nature as something spiritual that was beyond my parents' religion. So, when growing up, walking a pagan path was naturally my fate. That's how I teach my son about respect for diversity, respect for people and Nature, everything as part of the Goddess essence, in the materialist society we live in. Here we are at 2007 Beltane, at our pagan ritual of weaving ribbons around Maypole with Lucas' little friend, and also with his Pai (father in Portuguese), after finishing it:

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Kyanite said...


I keep meaning to come over more often, but you know what blog visiting is like!

Your parents photo is sO perfect for P!


Pernille said...

Very lovely post and wonderful P's!

Have fun:)

Michele said...

Hello my sweet Nydia,

This is such a wonderful post... your parents is the PERFECT post for this week's P theme... I love it and thank you for sharing it with us... it was a pleasure to meet them! Such beautiful people.

Hope all is going ok. I think about you often.


Petunia said...

Love this post and the tribute to your parents:)
Well done on P!

Marcia said...

Aww I love the photos of your parents. They seem so much in love in both of them.

I bought V a small canvas bag of her own :-) It's so cute and I want to go get some fabric dye to make it black like mine. Maybe when she's a little bigger we will decorate it together with buttons or fabric paints.

FO - 2 said...

I`m glad you have lot`s of good memories to hold on to. :)


Dragonstar said...

I love this post! What a beautiful story your parents have. My mother also broke her engagement to another man so that she could marry my father. They married in 1940.

Neva said...

I posted my dad as well...What a lovely story about your parents. you are blessed.
This is my ABC.
as well as this.

Texas Travelers said...

Great story.
Thanks for sharing
Nice photographs

"P" is Posted.
Come visit,

Mrs Mac said...

P for Parents- another p I never thought of! Lovely post.

RuneE said...

I adored my parents too, both not dead. When it comes to religion, I may maybe be called an agnostic or perhaps non-religious.

PS Thank you for a nice comment!

Miss_Yves said...

Thank you, Nydia, for your kind comment.
I'll read your post and answer you later because I am in a hurry !!!
miss Yves

Janet said...

You're lucky to have had such wonderful, loving parents. Very good choice for P.

Love your Maypole, too.

Miss_Yves said...

A beautiful tribute to your parents love and family !
Nydia, I think that you call "paganism "in English, is "animisme" in French .
Im'not really an artist...only during my leisures: it's one of my hobbies !
Miss Yves

mrsnesbitt said...

So sorry for being late to visit you, I am playing catch up after a few days out on the motorbike.

A moving tribute to lovely parents. You obviously grew up with love you now share with your own lucky children.