Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So many things...

Hello, friends! It's been a time since I last posted, I know... I won't bother you with my conexion problems, though, you already know about it very well.
My mother arrived almost two weeks ago, sooooooooo good!!!! I could hardly wait for her to be here, and now she'll leave next Friday. I enjoyed her great humor and inconditional love & company, we took lots of photos and she fell in love with this place, we walked around enjoying the beautiful sunny/cold days. Lucas is all the time after her, talking about his life and teaching her about how things work in this rural area, She can't stop laughing with his funny statements.
We decided making Lucas' birthday party at home, after all. It would be too expensive to make it at his school, so we made something simpler here, and Lucas loved it anyway, that's what matters. I made and decorated the cake myself, all nervous, because it was the first time I'd make something so big, but in the end everybody loved it, and I relaxed... As soon as I can I'll post all the photos. Lucas got great toys and was a little gentleman proudly helping me to give the cake slices.
The sad note is that things are not good between me and Rodrigo. I hesitated talking about it here, making it public, but I'd feel guilty hiding it from friends, at the same time. Thing is that he changed so much since we moved I can hardly recognize him. He demands so much from me concerning the house, criticizing me for every little detail everday, a hell. Even mom noticed it and is astonshed with it. When Lucas is back to school next week, I'll have a serious and definite talk. I just can't live this way for the rest of my life.
Anyway, as soon as I can I'll be back. Hope you enjoy the week, thanks for all the sweet comments!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that the package FINALLY arrived to you - my gosh - what a long time coming. But it's finally there and I'm SO HAPPY that Lucas liked the marbles. (My hatchling picked them out for him.)
Sorry the package seemed so impersonal...I wanted to send you a nice letter along with it, but more importantly, just wanted to get it through the darn mail system.
Happy, HAPPY birthday to Lucas. Sounds like your mom visiting is a gift!
I feel so bad for you and the way things are going. I think you're very smart to have an honest talk with him. Men are so mysterious and bossy sometimes. I'm sure the move and the building of your house has been quite a change for all of you. Maybe he's just stressed and things between you guys will return to normal now that you're in your own home....with your own little family.
Don't ever be afraid to share here. I'm sure lots of the married bloggers can relate and give you good advice.
Enjoy life and thanks so much for your lovely comment!
blessings to you!

turningwheelfarm said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday! Hope things get back to a happy normal for you all soon. Maybe with back to school and a new routine. And sometimes men are annoying and weird for no apparent reason. Hope it all works out soon. I realized recently that I am not a homemaker I am just at home for now taking care of our kids. I try to keep things decent but some weeks it's not. I try to clean the sink and do a load of laundry and call it good. :) Blessings to you.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Glad that Lucas had a happy birthday!

I'm so sorry that things are rough between you and Rodrigo. Sounds like a talk is in order. Perhaps the move and all the work is just putting him under stress and he's not aware at how he's treating you.

I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.


(And I'm just an email away if you need to talk!)

Janet said...

I'm glad you've had a nice visit with your mom. And it sounds like Lucas had a good birthday, too. I'm sorry to hear about you and Rodrigo. Maybe a long talk will get things back to normal. I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your mom and a very happy birthday to Lucas. I think parties at home are the absolute best!

Sorry to hear things are a little rocky between you and Rodrigo. I've been married 22 years and I know marriage definitely has its ups and downs. Sounds like a talk is definitely in order. Sometimes men don't even realize how their behavior has changed. It could be just the stress of moving and everything.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Blessed be,

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi Nydia!

First heartfelt apologies for being away for so long.
Am delighted you has a fine visit with your mother and sweet Lucas has a fun birthday.

Re Rodrigo - that is worrying - sincerely hope a talk with ease things but maybe returning to his roots, has uncovered the way he wants to live.

Love & hugs

Anonymous said...

Sb sua situação com Rodrigo, não se desespere ... certamente é uma fase e vc conseguirá superá-la. Nós mulheres somos a alma do lar, a alma do casamento e depende de nós a superação ou a separação.
Mantenha a calma, peça à Deusa que a ajude e ela lhe mostrará os caminhos que farão com que vc e Rodrigo encontrem a paz neste lugar lindo onde estão morando.
Abençoada seja !

greekwitch said...

I have never made a birthday cake. It always seems so difficult. Congragulations for the success of both the cake and the party.
There are times in every relationship that things seem dark and unbearable. I have certainly thought in this 6 years that this was it. But you have to find the strenth from all the good times. Things will sort out. In your heart of hearts you the man he is and so you ll find out how to solve it.
Brightest blessings and wishes of happiness and peace.

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

I am happy to hear that Lucas had a nice birthday but am sorry to hear about you and Rodrigo having a rough period.

I can only hope that things get better soon.


This Guy said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas! I am sure it was SO special! :) Its not about the place you have it, its about the family and friends there that love him :)

I am so glad to hear you had a nice time with your mom! Its too bad she has to leave soooo soon, she seems like a funny and nice lady!

I am sorry to hear about things with you and Rodrigo. It sounds like he is going through a bunch of stress and may be taking it out on you. Maybe there is something "in the house" since you mentioned things changed when you moved.. Maybe you should think about giving the house a good spirtual and energy cleansing...

I hope all works out, I think about you often! :)

Take care, don't wait so damn long to post next time! hahaha ;)


Michele said...

Helllloooo Nydia!

It is nice to read a post from you and I am happy that you had some specail time with your Mom.. that is important!

It breaks my heart that you and Rodrigo has some troubles and I truly hope that you and him will be able to sort it out somehow. I am glad that you see that you need to talk and perhaps this is all that is needed.

Hugs and kisses, my friend... no that I am thinking about you all♥

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well I'm not taking sides, but I am mad at your hubby! Good grief, what has got into him? He needs to open up his eyes and look around! You are such a wonderful person and you have made your house so cute, and made it into a real home! Well I will say no more.