Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day at a time

Hello, friends.
We're facing cold, rainy days and nights here in Petropolis. Nothing new during Winter time... Even under water this town is beautiful.
We're living a day at a time, and I have my mind full of things to decide and to run after. On Monday I went to a school close to home, the same where my sisters , as well as my two nephews and one niece studied, to talk to the principal about  giving Lucas a monthly discount or a scholarship. It's a catholic school, but with non-catholic teachers and a good curriculum... I sniff at it, but in my case, I can't choose too much. This school is a good one, with a good price and close to home, and as I don't want to put Lucas at a public school, it will have to be the one. Alas. I have to fill in a questionaire about my financial condition, to hand-write a letter explainig why I need the scholarship so the school's social worker can evaluate my case and see what they can give me. Fingers crossed, I need the best discount possible! I know the help Rodrigo will give is little, and I simply can't demand more, because I know their situation (which was ours so little tie before) is not good, so I need to go after what I need here without expectations and without depending on others.
One good thing is that I already have one student to teach English next month. It's a friend's 11-year-old son, and we'll start lessons in the beginning of September. It's a start! :o)
I have a migraine this morning, grrrr... But nothing too bad, just the usual one, already took some medicine - blame on the chocolate cake I ate last night on my nephew's b-day - my late sister's son, he didn't want a party, just the cake without Happy Birthday song. We respected his will, and had a calm family reunion between mom, me, Lucas, my other nephew Davi and Sonia, mom's old friend. I ate two slices of that delicious cake, and now I'm paying the price... no regrets, though... : p
So, things are slowly going back to tracks. I still have a very long road to walk until feeling my life stablished agian, but at least I'm in motion.
Hope everybody have a great day, see you soon.

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

I'm sending you and Lucas so much love and positive vibes! You guys deserve to have an easy road, and I'm so very sorry that you're having to struggle right now.

I am glad that you are with family and have their support, though. You're a strong, smart woman, and I know you'll do well, where ever you are!


Anonymous said...

Nydia...good to hear that things seem to be calming for you. You are so right in taking things one day at a time. Regarding the Catholic school, I made a really tough decision to go to a Catholic University because of the location, price and program it offered. I was not sure because of the big difference in religious thought, but it really turned out ok and I have no regrets. But I certainly understand your dilemma in choosing a religious school for Lucas when their beliefs are so different from your own. Keep up the good work, you WILL make it through this!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Catholic schools tend to be very good in academics, at least here -- ours was filled with people from all faiths who were escaping from the terrible public schools -- we had Jews, Muslims, freethinkers, Protestants, Buddhists, and a few Catholics, too LOL...hope you get a big scholarship for Lucas...Nydia email me, I have a few books, very old-fashioned storybooks, that I think would be GREAT for teaching English, the stories in them are for beginning readers and they are delightful...I don't have your Petropolis address...penniwig at gmail

Dani said...

We are with you my friend! If it helps, despite my parents divorce we children all have a very good relationship with both parents and now our parents are friends. My dad and stepdad are even good friends!

Tori said...

At least things are looking up! I hope you get the scholarship for Lucas. He deserves a good school!

Best of luck. <3

Janet said...

I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way and hope that Lucas gets a good scholarship.

And I'm sure your first student will only be the beginning. Before you know it you will be so busy you won't know how to handle them all!

Mama Kelly of 2 Witches Blog said...

Crossing fingers and toes for a large scholarship so you have one less worry. Hugs to you and to Lucas!!

Patty said...

I am glad things are going good so far. I have my fingers crossed that you get Lucus into school at a price that is comfortble for you.
Also it is great that you got a student, I know you are happy that you will have a little money to call your own.

Anonymous said...

It is a start and a hopeful one. Religious schools give me the dithers but I understand Brazil is pretty eclectic when it comes to belief systems so perhaps they are more open minded than here.
Beware the chocs - I don't suffer migraine as result, just weight.Love to you both, and Blessings.

Marcia said...

I'm so sorry to hear all this but I'm glad you chose what was best for you and Lucas. J and I's relationship is very rocky all the time. We've been together on and off for 8 years now and I'm just not sure we'll ever be in a great place again. We're still together, but I feel like a single mom and he and I barely speak anymore. You are a strong woman and a great mom. Best wishes for you and Lucas!

Besos! :-)

This Guy said...

Nydia, you and Lucas are always in my thoughts. I am sending you two LOTS AND LOTS of hugs and love!

I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed for Lucas' school application, hopefully they give you a REALLY good discount on the school. Education is so important and he is SUCH an amazingly bright young man, I know he will excel, especially with a dedicated and caring mom like you!!

I hope your migraine is feeling better soon! ;)

Love and blessings,
Bret =)

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