Monday, August 10, 2009

Aaaahhh... Vacations with grandma...

Lucas' 2 weeks of vacations were super, just because grandma was here! He loves her funny way, always laughing at his silly cute things, and always ready to play. For me, it was a delight to have my mother with me for almost twenty days, talking about everything, showing her our surroundings, simply being. She's that kind of person who lifts your spirit up high, and most important, shemade me remember who I really am.
We went around with Rodrigo riding the Lacraia...

She even took care of some coffee beans! LOL :

We had gorgeous sunny days and she could sunbathe in our yard, one of her little joys...

... And she even tried to play Playstation with Lucas! LOL

Playing with Ringo...
Happy to be with us...
Mom was worried about our situation, and made sure I have a place to go in case the worst happens. I still believe things will get better (and so does she, btw), but it's wonderfuil to have her support and to know I'm not alone.
It was fun to listen to her stories about the old days when she also lived in a farm (a huge one!) when got married with dad. It was great to share little "secrets" with her, to watch the afternoon and night soap-operas, commenting the scenes (actually I never watch them, as Lucas wisely pointed out all the time, intrigued, LOL), but she loves watching them and I wouldn't let her lose any was fun, under her hilarious point of view). It was yummy to have her making her minute bread recipes and my favorite-of-all-times chicken soup almost everyday. It was like getting back to the time when I was younger. Her presence these days refreshed my soul and my heart. It's good to know she's around!
She's wise, fun, sweet, sharp-minded... I'll miss her now, but I'll treasure these moments forever...

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Michele said...

Your mother sounds and looks like such a special person but of course, you are as well, so I see where you would get your gentle spirit from.
She is a wonderful woman and I am shocked she is the age you say, she looks incredibly young... what a great looking woman and I only wish to look like her when I reach that age.
Hang on to the beautiful memories you have all shared with this terrific visit.
I pray that you and your man will reunite in the love that you all have had at one time and can rekindle the family ties that were once there... it may take some work, but I know you are trying.

Be strong, my friend.. keep us updated.

Hugs to you all♥


Dragonstar said...

Hello Nydia love. It's so long since I've been over here that I'm quite ashamed. I've been quite low for a bit, and had no energy for blogging or visiting, but things are better now.

I've really enjoyed reading back (so far!) and I realised I've missed Lucas's birthday. He's looking so mature now.
I'm so glad you had such a good time with your mother. She looks a wonderful woman.
I hope things are better with Rodriguo now. Moving house is such a stressful time for everyone, and you people made such a huge move that the occasional problem was almost inevitable. You love eachother, so things will come right in time.
Thank you for keeping in touch - and I loved seeing the calendar on your wall.