Thursday, March 13, 2008

In bed again

So Lucas is again with a sore throat, poor sweetie... I just hate to see him like that, all feverish and weak. No matter how well he is raised up, with healthy food and healthy activities, his throat once in a while makes its trick and knocks him out. Specially at night, his body temperature gets high and high, and we give him medicine, put him under shower to lower it... It's heartbreaking! At least, like all the kids, he recovers really fast, and keeps the good temper (as you can see above by his incredibly smiling face even being 38,5ºC last night, under the protection of his giraffe Duda) so by tomorrow he must be almost healed. I take the time to pamper him the best I can when he's like that! :)

When I got home from work last night, he wanted to "read" Scott Cunningham's The Magik House book, he loves it because of all those illustrations, and this time asked me to color them, saying they were too dull without colors. What the heck, as long as he doesn't touch the letters, that's fine. Actually he gave it a touch of light with his polycromy.

I hope that by lunch time he is feeling better...

2 comentários:

Lisa R Charles said...

I hope your little sweetie will be feeling better soon!. He's so cute!

Stop by my place and pick up your award!

KOSTAS said...

I splendidly wish the fast recovery your small prince.
Marvellous blog with posts, comments and beautiful photographs!