Monday, March 17, 2008

Waiting for the little Bunny

Lucas is out of bed and all active again, thanks gods! I believe that this time he didn't get so bad like before (his "sick-in-bed" time used to last almost one week with high fever and no appettite!) because we've been giving him a small spoon of honey and spraying his throat with propolis twice a day for two month more or less. Probably his immuno system is getting stronger due to this, I hope so!

The fact is that he is excited with the upcoming Easter. Although he knows about the difference between our Ostara and this Easter, he can hardly wait for the Bunny to bring his chocolat eggs, addicted to them like his mom... :) And with all the ads on TV, he's more than anxious - after all, he's got five aunts and uncles, plus grandparents plus friends plus neighbours that always give him chocolats - we have to keep most of them on he fridge or he would voraciously eat everything at once!
Last Satuday, a rainy one, we made our little nest, it's our ritual, so the Easter Bunny will find it ready to the eggs. He just loves it. This year it's a simple plastic bowl that he painted with water-color, filled with bits of blue wool and shredded paper, and the border decorated with illustrations of little bunnies we found researching in kids magazines. It got cool & sweet, just the way he wanted. Now we just have to wait...
Some days before we'll have Mabon as well! I have to think in something simple to do with the altar and the meals and a little ritual, because with my sister's condition I don't have the energy in the evening to do anything too long. Let's see what I come up with this time.

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Kostas said...

The honey and propolis is foods, but many times functions in the human organism as medicines! Propolis it strengthens the immunogenic system of organism, and the honey it gives energy in the organism.
I wish in the small Lucas fast it acquires his health!
To him say that him they wait for many... chocolates!

Janet said...

I hope Lucas is feeling better soon. Most importantly by the time all those chocolate Easter eggs arrive!