Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mabon for me, Ostara for you

At home we celebrate Mabon, the sabbath to celebrate the first day of Autumn (bye, bye Sun... snif), its Equinox - a balance time for reflexion and resting, and the second harvest of the year. Mabon marks the harvest's conclusion and we give thanks for its abundance. It's also a time for honoring our ancestrals (that's why they say this sabbath is the Thanksgiving for the witches). I surely have many things for thanking, but also to ask, and that's for my sis.
I still don't know what I'll do this year. We'll celebrate it tomorrow, because tonight I have literary translation classes (on my way to get into this market again!), and I'll be home late, after Lucas is asleep, and he would never forgive me for making a sabbath ritual without him LOL! As tomorrow is a holiday - :)) - we'll have plenty of time to prepare something. I'll try to make a handmade cornucopy, filled with dried fruits and leaves, grains, coins... It would be fun! I'll probably prepare some apple pie & apples filled with sugar and cinnamon - Lucas' favorite.

It wouldn't make sense to me to celebrate Ostara now, for it would be the beggining of Spring... But for all of you at the other hemisphere who are so anxious for the sun to come again and the snow to melt down, and for those who don't share my beliefs but happen to share my friendship:


Bright blessings to everyone!

*Images: Elsie & Pooka pages

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Patty said...

Blessed Mabon to you!

Kyanite said...


Having just posted on UK Easter food traditions & a wee bit about Oestara, as Easter is a variation of the Saxon word for the Spring goddess, I thought I'd visit again, and wish you well for the, was gong to say Spring season but correct my-self quickly here - Havest home Mabon.

I don't proffess to know a lot, but enjoy the seasons more that any man made relgion.

Best wishes

Marcia said...

Tell Lucas V said "Hi Lucas!!" haha

I'm surprised she can actually say it correctly!

Turtleheart said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mabon! Looking forward to hearing how you shared it with Lucas.

Kostas said...

I wish to you and your family Happy Easter!