Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I got tagged!

Turtleheart, one of my fav favorite bloggers, just tagged me after I tagged her, LOL
Thanks, girl, my first time being tagged! :) It's about the "I less-than-three your blog". We just have to tag three blogs we like (what a hard task!).

So I took these three blogs:

*Learning Mama: my friend Marcia talks about life since her sweet little daughter was born, and everything that encompasses motherhood. It's a great blog.

*Artopia: I got delighted by Janet's paintings of flower ladies and powerful, sweet girls. She's a gifted artist with a wonderful imagination.

*Foto Seasons: the Greek blogger Kostas posts photos from his beautiful country and teaches about his apiary. Worths visiting it.

And here we go again with a rolling list!

3 comentários:

Janet said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliments! And for the tag.

Marcia said...

Haha see that's why I tag mine on my sidebar! I couldn't pick 3 blogs to tag. Most of my favorites give stuff away often (cuz you know I likes me some free stuff!!).

You are still the only blog I tagged under Friends though :D

I added some videos to my Myspace blog. Make sure to check them out!!

KOSTAS said...

I thank Nydia.
First it should to you I say, I am glad particularly for the re-establishment of health of small Luca.
And second you I thank for the beautiful surprise that me it made, to me you send the "the less-than-three your blog' '