Friday, March 7, 2008

Of cats and boys

They have this weird relationship: Baruck, our eight-year-old cat, seems to tolerate Lucas' clumsy affection, sometimes trying to hide himself from my little boy, but when Lucas gets hurt (which often happens, being the restless little dude he is), he is the first one to reach him to comfort, rubbing himself at Lucas' leg as if to say, "hey it was so bad! I'm here!", and Lucas almost instantly calms down. When sick, Lucas knows Baruck is under his little bed and this also calms him down at those terrible night fevers. Often I get up in the middle of the night and find them sleeping together in Lucas' bed, and I have to shoo the poor thing to his own place, once Lucas' dad is a bit allergic and I don't want him to develop the same problem, so at least when sleeping he needs to be away from him.
When we're celebrating sabbaths, Baruck stands under the altar until we're finished and then waits to get his portion of the goodies I prepared for the ritualistic meal, always from Lucas' hands.

Sometimes I feel as if this kitty is Lucas' guardian, for he follows my son wherever he goes, on his typical superior feline way, not showing how much he cares unless when strictly necessary (those who own cats know what I mean...). I feel I'm detached from this connection and respect it. Who am I to be an intruder?! :)

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Marcia said...

Aww the markings on your kitty's face are just gorgeous! I believe V has a guardian. In several on her photos, on her left side, there appears a small white circle. It's the strangest thing. On my myspace, the photo of her in her Halloween costume surrounded by other kids, it's on her left arm. It only shows up in her photos, none with anyone else in our family.

Miss_Yves said...

Thank you, Nidya for your visit!
Your cat looks like mine (his name is Cachou, my first ABC Wednesday was en titled:"afraid" because it showed my kitten at the top of an appletree!
The friendship between lucas and his cat is touching!
I also love Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Asimov , A Christie,
S King (sometimes )...
I try to write in English but I fear I make many mistakes ...My studies are far away !

Miss_Yves said...

Hello, Nydia!
I was playing with Baruck, and he miaowed!(Il a miaulé!)
Sorry to learn you were ill...
A long time ago, I was fond of Baden Powel, he was very famous in France.
I listen many kinds of music, because my son plays the guitar and he loves rock, but I prefer classical music.I sing in a choir various songs.
Miss Yves