Friday, April 2, 2010

Updates and a mom's little worry

Hello, everybody!

Lucas' school took Thursday and Friday (today) as days off for Easter, so he's at home! :o) He keeps asking me to play with him all the time, and even want me to play in the street with his scooter!

We spent lots of times making drawings - one of his favorite activities. As I worked with final art for three years I have some cards on my sleeve to impress my little witch as a "great artist"! LOL I taught him to draw nicer ice-creams, Mexican skulls, airplanes, pirate ships, ghost castles... So he can impress back his little friends at school.

Last year I ordered this cute coloring book from Wooly Blossom, and colored some pages together. It was great because it's relaxing and a cool way to spend with my son:

Last evening my sister Claudia came from Sao Paulo to spend Easter with us, and we had a pizza to enjoy while the heavy rain was falling outside. I just love these simple things in family, when we "gossip", laugh and have our teasing times.

Mom's foot is recovering really fast with her daily phisioteraphy, but she still can't walk long distances, so the tail is still waving! LOL I try to antcipat her so she won't get tired with the household duties...

I'm still fighting to get a part-time job (what a difficult city for this!), and ordered English teaching books so that if and when students come, I'm ready.

But let's go to MY WORRY>> Easter is on the way, and Lucas has already prepared his Easer nest! But he's starting to get suspicious that it's me who brings his chocolate eggs... Oh my gods, so soon, he's only six!!! He asked me twice this week about it, and I just couldn't say the truth looking into his eyes, and I felt bad about it, I've always been so transparent in our talks! I know it sounds silly and not worthy-mentioning as a problem, but I'm really worried... Where's the instruction book given at birthtime?!

If he asks me one more time about it, I guess I'll have to gently tell him the truth. I kept these fantasies of Ostara/Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa, because I think it's healthy for a kids' heart and I didn't want to kill my parents when I discovered the truth, and he always enjoyed so much the fun on these special dates but now... I simply don't know what to do! Suggestions, please?

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OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Well my lovely, we just had this "adventure" at Christmas with GK. She has been hanging on for a lot longer than I thought she would have. She is 9.
She found the wrapping paper her Mom used for Santa presents in her Mom's closet after Xmas. Came in with tears in her eyes and asked. Here is a link to my blog about that.
She is looking forward to Easter. She assured me she knows that the spirit of giving still comes and looks over what is happening and that now she can help her Mom hide the eggs and such for her brother.
It is so hard but we are the fortunate ones....we pagans. We know about the spirits being upon, near and are in touch with them to guide us every day so the transition for our little ones is a natural extention of our beliefs. GereaKaye got that immediately because she is a super empathic witchlet. That is how she is such a fan of and believer in the fae. Give him the truth when you can. The spirit of giving will tell you when.
((((hugs)))) until next time

Anonymous said...

My 8 year old told me a bout Santa this year and it was a shock. I knew it was coming but still. He and I talked about it and he told me he believes that while Santa may not sneak in and leave presents he lives in our hearts as the spirit of Christmas. That was an awesome moment since he came up with that on his own.

I'm not sure if that will help but maybe it will at least a little.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Nydia, I'm a bad one to ask about it. I don't believe AT ALL in telling the kids a bunch of myths as truths. I have seen such meltdowns, such hysteria -- also, a wedge put between the parents and kids, a "secret" and boy do I hate secrets!!! But of course I always impressed on my son the fun of pretending, the respect for very old myths that have a grain of truth at the bottom of them, and that he couldn't ruin the fun of those raised differently.

But NOW, what should you do? I think, and I COULD BE SO WRONG, that he isn't looking for reassurance to believe, but he knows in his heart it's baloney and wants an end to that!

I can tell you my son looked forward to his Easter basket as much as anyone...I made really weird baskets for him, one year it was a giant box with all different size bunnies in it (can you say "OVERINDULGENT???!!!" lol

amy said...

We have discussed Ostara and Easter lately and I actually used the phrase, "the people who like Jesus" celebrate Easter. I realize most people like Jesus but I was trying to explain the difference in why she gets an earlier basket from the ostara bunny. She has always gotten something from the ostara bunny and then she gets a basket at my parents' house for easter. It's sort of confusing but I was focusing more on the difference in the holidays than the fact that it's the bunny. We have so many fairies around here that I think it's ingrained in them that magical beings bring little goodies. Maybe try putting them in a different place and sprinkling bunny fur/cotton around or something to keep him off track? I think when the time comes that they realize it's you then you can still have a fun time and give them a nice treat.

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

When I told my mom I didn't beleive in Santa she wasn't ready to give it up and said "oh good, no more presents" so I went back to pretending and we never discussed it again. lol But I still love the magic around these holidays.

I say if he asks you outright, tell him the truth, but explain why you do it too.