Friday, April 9, 2010

This is so fun!

Guys, you have to see this... I was reading Lucas's favorite Brazilian kids magazine, Recreio, and an article was about this incredible site - I'm sorry if the rest of the world already knows about it, I'm slow! - called "Spontaneous Smiley", created by the photographer Ruth Kaiser. She's got tons of photos featuring exactly what the title says, smiles everywhere, and it became a movement!

You know, when you look at a wall and the cracks looks like a smiling face...

... Or when the bubbles in the kitchen sink have the same effect?

I loved this story she tells about the project:

"One day, as I was crouched with my camera in hand over spilled Soda on the sideawalk Smiley, a man came along and asked, 'What in the world are you taking a picture of?' I showed him the Smiley. He smiled. I smiled. He went on his way. About two minutes later, he came running back in my direction. 'Quick. Bring your camera. I found one.'"

This shows the spirit of the entire thing.

It's one of the sweetest ideas I've seen. When all around there are so many reasons not to smile, this woman brings this ludic idea to surface. The beautiful side is that for each smiley sent to the site, $1 is donate for Operation Smile until a cleft lip/palate surgery cost is reached, and a child's life is changed.

And anyone can submit their smiley photos to be featured! I'll start looking at things with a different eye from now on, with Lucas' precious help, obviously... Of course I have to join this fun!

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Lilac Wolf (angie) said...

That is so fun! I'll have to get started on that, CW will love it!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Oh you sweetheart. What a lovely site. I had the kids come in here and look and now....well we have our Saturday afternoon adventure picked out.....the quest for the smiley. This is darling....and so are you.
(((hugs)))) until next time

Janet said...

That site is so cool! There is a commercial running on TV (can't remember the product!) and they use all kinds of smiley face objects. I like watching it. Smiles are so contagious! Spread them around!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I skipped the mono this week (too indecisive)? I posted for W. Reflections though..this is really cute, ha!