Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting my hands busy

**Warning: This is a long post, full of photos!**

Can you bear with me a "little bit" of showing off?? I got so happy with the results of this, I had to share! :o)

The last days were challenging to me at my Etsy. A wonderful and generous costumer decided she wanted several Goddesses and Gods of mine, and asked me to create specific deities. I love when this happens, once before I also had another beautiful and great costumer who did the same, at that time she wanted a complete Sabbath Kore, it was exciting to create them too! Specially because I end up learning more.

One was completely unknown to me, the Luna Moth. When I researched, I learned about this lovely and gorgeous little creature, and I tried to make the embroidery as similar the original as possible:

Then there was the Dog Goddess, in honour of her pets, and I made this cute one (Lucas loved it!) using the felt color she asked:

She grabbed my Witches' Brew Goddess the minute I listed it, LOL - I want to make another one using a different felt color now:

Then there were the Stag Goddess and God, I wish we had these animals here in Brazil *sigh*:

Pan was another delight to create, with his pipe to seduce whatever he wanted:

And at last, Hecate. Such adorable and strong aspect of the Goddess, I learned to love her a bit more:

All my costumer are always too generous in their feedback and words, I feel energized by their vibes. This time it was not different!

Now I'm working to create some ideas that's been haunting my mind. Among them a Greenman, that is almost ready, and a Phoenix to see if it will look good on felt. Since all my hand-embroideries are directly made on the cloth at freehand, I never know how they will get until the threads start crossing it!

Thanks for bearing this long blustering post! Now I'll get back to my humble self again... :o))

8 comentários:

Nar said...

These are STUNNING!!! You are so talented, Nydia. Absolutely gorgeous. I'd gladly snatch them all up. ;)

Mother Moon said...

what wonderful new creations to add to your already fantastic collections... They are always so unique. Love them all...

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Wow those are great! Now I've got another item of yours on my list. :) I want the runes too.

Danni said...

Wow! You really have been one very busy witch. You've really outdone yourself, lovely, as these are all breathtaking.

I have to say, as a witch with a soft spot for the Faun and the Horned God, your Pan and Stag God have captured my heart. Your customer is a lucky person indeed!

Janet said...

You must have magical fingers! These are all beautiful and I'm sure your customer will love them.

mermaiden said...

beautifully executed designs, each one!

Danni said...

I left an award for you on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

They are are absolutely beautifully magical! Every time you make a new design, its even better than the last one. You have a gift!