Saturday, February 14, 2009


Finally I got my new camera!I bought a Samsung 7.2MB, I love it, almost slept with it when I took it home, hehehe...
I was dying here upset because I always had to borrow my sister-in-law's, and I just hate bothering others. So this week I found a good camera that will fit my needs alright (considering how stupid I am in terms of technology use, I couldn't buy anythting too full of details, it would be a waste of money LOL!), so from now on, I'll have loads of photos to share! :o).  It's been raining cats and dogs the past three days, so I have to wait until I can take them though... I want to show how the roof is before the shingles are installed!

Lucas is in the slow process of adapting himself to the new school. One point is that as it is in the neighbour town, we go by microbus, and he knows it's a little far (15 minutes away), and it stresses him to go by himself, so I'll still go with him next week. The second point is that with everything being so new, he's very unsecure and fragile. and cries at the entrance every day. It takes him almost half an hour to calm down, even with me staying at the same floor, at the school's library. I never thought it would be so hard, but I should have imagined. Sometimnes I even think that he will never get used to the new place, but then again I remember that he's just a little boy who needs my love to feel confident.

As you can seem, no news here, this has been the main issue of my life lately. Bear with me! :o)

We are here at the cyber cafe after taking Baruck to the vet for a revision. He's recovering well from the hepatitis, being well medicated, and day by day he's coming to his old self again. Now he only need to get some weight!

I've been working on some rune sets made out of felt for the Carioca Witch, but at a low pace, I believe that only when I'm at the new house I'll be able to really create something. Being at my in-laws make thing more difficult, there are many things that are in the moving boxes, etc. Alas!

I hope everybody has a super weekend and a wonderful week! Kisses from us.

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Tori said...

Congrats on the camera! I'm glad you got one you like. I hope Lucas adjusts soon. It must be hard for you to see him so upset every morning. Best of luck with Baruck!
Have a great weekend, too! <3

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi Nydia, that looks like a good camera!

Not to be pushy, but one thing, regarding Lucas and the new school: Do NOT act as if there is anything to fear, because I can tell you, the kids look at their moms and if their moms look worried or are showing how torn up they are, the child "catches" this fear on top of their own fear. I know it is hard, but let him see that YOU are happy with the new school. He will soon be comfortable there and all this will be behind you! As someone who taught first grade, yes, there were some little ones who were crying & so forth, at the beginning of the day, BUT...they were soon all smiles -- can you sneak up and look in the window in the classroom door? That way you can see that he is's harder on the moms than the kids...

Glad Baruck is getting better!

Soul Funk Goddess said...

So glad to hear that everyone's getting better, and slowly adjusting. Some big changes took place, and it can really pack a whollop on everyone.

Including you! I'm glad to hear you treated yourself to a new camera! Have fun, and I can't wait to see more new pics! =)

Blessings siempre!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nydia...that camera is so exciting!!! Congrats! I'm like you, it only needs to point and take a picture...anything more than that, I can't understand it anyway.

Give Lucas a hug for me. He's such a big brave guy to go to school on a bus!! Soon he will be alright to go by himself, I'm sure.

When my little hatchling started school, I gave her her own tiny rose quartz crystal to take with her every day. I told her it was our "love stone", and that I'd be with her in her heart, all the time. She carried that little crystal to school every day, and I think it made a big difference in her learning to be a bit independent from me.

Can't wait to see pics of your new home and your altar and all the fabulous things you'll be doing with your new camera.

*little bell is on the way!

Janet said...

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with the new camera. Maybe you can take some photos of things Lucas loves and then he can take them with him to the new school. He could take them out and look at them when he feels stressed or lonely.

Enchanted Dawn said...

Yay for the new camera! I'm so happy for you! Looking forward to more pics of the house progress.

Glad to hear Baruck is recovering. Poor sweet kitty.

Thinking of you and Lucas. So sad to hear of his school fears, it wrings my heart. I know it must be hard for you, too.