Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a quick update

While I wait to fetch Lucas from school, I wanted to let you know that things are a little better here.

Barcuk is very slowly recovering, with the aid of antibiotics and corticoids. He got so thin! And seems like he hates me, because I'm the one who gives him the meds... Oh well, anything is ok as long as he's back to his old self again.

Lucas is also slowly adapting himself to the new school. He always got a hard time in the first weeks, and now with this big change, obviously things are a little harder. There's this microbus that take the kids to and from school, and I'm coming with him while he get adjusted to his new routine and feel more confident on his own. But it's hard. The first week (last week actually), I stayed all the time at the school's library, and he would often come to see if I was there. This week starting yesterday, I leave him with the teacher and come downtown for some errands while he's there, more to make him get used of being alone with his little classmates and teacher. So far it is working, but I see it's a little fight he fights inside his little self. My heart shrinks, but if I stay there all the time this week again, he'll never get used to it.

So with a lot of daily talk, we go step by step showing him he can be comfortable wherever he is, because, don't matter where, he's the same little person. He seems to accept and absorb it as something he understands. I hope so!

On the construction site, the roof is being built! I'm so sorry I can't show any photos now! I depend on my sister-in-law's camera now and unfortunately she often forget lending it to me. Alas... Another thing to buy, besides the pedal bike! :o)

I just love these moments when I come here at the cyber cafe (called Lan houses here) and I'm able to check out how things are going with my friends. Being so distant from home and to tell the truth from an intelectual stimulus for being stuck in the same place for days in a row, being online and reading the amazing posts you write is like quenching my thirst, in my heart and mind.

Kisses from us, in our little corner of the world.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Poor old Baruck! He will eventually forget it was you who had to give him the medicines, I hope. I always have to be "the bad guy" with our pets and be the one pushing the pills down their throats, too.

Just keep showing Lucas that there is nothing to be worried about, that he is in a good school now, not like the other one! But I know it is hard. We don't like to see them scared or worried.

I hope you get your pedal bike soon! And Nydia, I used to have a motorscooter, too, that I would use for longer trips. It was just a little one, second-hand and inexpensive because the paint was worn out on it, but if I ever get one again, I'm going to get the kind you pedal to get started, and that has only one speed, because like you, I don't like "driving" things!!!

I wish there was some way for you to get a laptop with a way to get the Internet from out of the air, a wireless one? Do they really have such a thing, though?

Enchanted Dawn said...

Hello my friend! So sorry to hear about all the recent turmoil in your life, but I'm glad everything is looking up again.

Poor Lucas, first the terrible public school, and now his nerves with his new school. I'm so glad you found out about the public school on the first day, so you could remove him! I hope by the end of this week he will have his confidence back and be enjoying his new school.

And poor Baruck! So glad he is on the mend. Its hard being the medicine giver, I know, since I did it all the time with my calico Claire. I tried to soften the trauma by giving lots of love, petting and food afterwards!

I keep forgetting to tell you, I am blogging much more over at Into the Dawn now, so be sure to check there for updates! I am getting more in touch with my creative side, but I'll always have a turtle heart. ;-)


I hope you will find a nice bike soon, it will probably feel so good to have a little more independence when it comes to getting around? I picture you having a colorful bike with a nice big basket for carrying things! I send that message out to the Universe, and we'll see if the Universe responds.

Hugs until next time!

Anonymous said...

I hope Lucas settles in soon. He seems to have such a divine light inside him so maybe he can carry that inside him to make it through.Glad things are coming along on your home. I love seeing the photos!

Tori said...

Lucas will get used to his school soon enough I bet! He'll be having so much fun with his new friends, he'll look forward to going to school.

When my cat first got sick it was my mom who gave her the medicine, so she hated my mom. Now we all take turns when she gets sick.

I hope you get your camera and bike soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that everything is getting better. I miss your blog updates and hope to eventually see them more frequently.

::waves from my end of the globe::
Mama Kelly

Dragonstar said...

I'm so glad Baruck is getting better. I have to give the medication to our animals. Ever since the last antibiotics Rinli has to come and find me first thing in the morning so I can tell him it's OK to have breakfast! He's a strange cat...

Poor Lucas - and poor you! He was bound to suffer to start, but you give him so much loving support that he'll grow through it safely. So many big changes for all of you, but all will be well!

Anonymous said...

We are in the unusual position of being able to understand much of your readjustment stresses - though we did not send the children to school. We had been through all that before though.
Glad things are looking up.
Take care,

Genie Sea said...

Oh! I am happy Baruck is getting better and that Lucas is adjusting to this new school. I know you both had a hard time with the last teacher/school.

It's okay sweetie. It's a process every mom and child go through when the little one starts school. He will be fine in no time, so will you!

Can't wait to see your completed home! It's so exciting :)