Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Petrópolis!

I just couldn`t resist. Carnival here in Minas is an one-week holiday at Lucas school, and I just couldn`t miss the chance of being with my family! So On Monday noon I came with Lucas to my mom`s, to spend the week. Rodrigo stayed to keep the construction going, and to take care of his coffee plantation. I was so excited to meet them all after almost two months away! The bus trip was good, if we don`t consider the migraine that decided to visit me exactly in the middle of it... But I was all happy and relaxed. Lucas behaved very well as usual, watching through the bus window and sleeping a bit. When we arrived, mom was there waiting for us with my nephew Davi. Aaawwww.... It was good to be in her arms again! :o)
I really neede this time here. Although everybody at my in-laws`s are so sweet, it is hard to live at other`s house. After ten years of marriage living only the two of us, and later, the three of us, alone in Rio, it`s really weird to be surrounded by people with such different personalities and temper from mine all the time. I was feeling chocked. So for my mind`s sake, these days will renew me until the house is ready.
Obviously my mother is happy like a cat with milk, and we are enjoying each other`s company, chatting a lot and specially, laughing a lot, as my family is a very good humored one.
We went to the Crystalk {Palace, where Lucas got soaked by the fountain`s water, we went this morning to McDonalds, walked a lot in the streets...
When we come back next Sunday, I`ll be ready to carry on with our lives. As soon as possible I`ll post some of the photos I`m taking here.
Wish you all a wonderful week, kisses!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Never miss an opportunity to be with yer mom, Nydia, I can tell you, but I think you already know, you will NEVER regret the time spent with her...and will wish it were more...hope no migraine happens on the bus ride back...hang in there, I know it must be so hard to be cooped up, so to speak, even with nice in-laws--- no wonder you feel choked, that's a good way to put it...soon you will have your house!!!

Patty said...

I hope you enjoy your week. Families are special!

Genie Sea said...

It's always great to make a change. It's wonderful to refresh. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. It must be so good for your soul to be with your mom. And a nice change for Lucas too.
Enjoy this time with your family to re-charge your spirit.

Tori said...

I hope you enjoy being with your family! Nothing can recharge a person like a hig from mom.