Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almost there...

As promised, here are the photos I took with my new camera, but here goes a warning: this is a long post with lots of photos!! :o)
Our little house is brick by brick getting there! Above you see the front part, with the roof skeleton ready to receive the shingles.
Here is the back part, with the shingles starting to be installed, that's a hard work!!!
Rodrigo and his dad, doing their best to get the house covered.
My hard-worker varnishing the roof skeleton before the shingles being put.
Inside the house, inspecting the work....
Rodrigo's dad all proud of the good job being done!
Me and Lupi, one of my in-laws' dogs. He's a brave little thing! Behind you can see some of Rodrigo's coffee plants starting to grow.
This is the van's driver and his assistant with Lucas after a school's day. They're super, and she knows how to make him feel comfortable and safe during the trip to school!
During snack time making funny faces...
Inside the van, with his "bad boy" look...
Being himself again, with Zen, the little kitty that will be ours in the new house - shhh... Baruck still doesn't know about it!!
... Talking about him, here is my poor Baruck!!! See how thin he got after this hepatits started?!
I took this one this morning, he was stretching himself after a nap. Here he looks better than the previous photo, taken only one week earlier. He's in full recovery. The only problem is that he restarted pissing everywhere, as if his body had lost itscontrol after the disease... Alas...
Lucas took this photo last morning when we were walking along our favorite path...
... Then he got tired and took advantage of dad's strong shoulders...
This is the brand-new little cow that was born the day before yesterday!! Isn't she lovely??
And to finally end this long post, here is my little witch pretending to be brave holding a sweet bull... But his eyes can't deny he was happy to have a fence between them! LOL
Well, that's all, Folks! I hope you have enjoyed it, thank you all one more time for all your supportive, wonderful words. You guys definitely rock!

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see so many pictures and all of you so happy.
I hope the break does not mean Lucas becomes more upset.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Oh Nydia! Thanks so much for sharing these pics. Your culture is so beautiful!! Building a brick home by hand, growing coffee plants! I love that pic of the baby calf. It must all be so exciting!
Your house is really coming along, I bet you can't wait to move in.
Lucas is so cute and seems to be happy and in his element. What a great place for a child to grow up!!
Can't wait to see the INSIDE of your cozy home when you finally get to move in!

Dragonstar said...

Nydia my love, it's all looking so good!
Poor all of you having Lucas' school closed next week, but I'm sure he'll keep moving forward - even if it is slowly!
I'm glad Baruck is getting better, though he does look so thin still. He must be a strong cat, and he's had great care, otherwise he'd never have survived.
I'm sure you can't wait to be able to move into your new home - it's all so exciting!
Hugs and blessings love!

Chaos and love said...

Hi there! I have been following your blog for a bit. Your family is full of life and love! I also have a little boy who shares my life. He was happy to see another family who is pagan.
Your house looks like its going to be sooo cozy :)

Anonymous said...

Nydia, it was so good to hear from you! I can see that you've been incredibly busy. Lots of changes are happening, but they seem to be positive and very exciting. Your new house is incredible... built by hand and already full of love!

Genie Sea said...

What a delightful collection of photos! How much your house is progressing and how gorgeous it looks! I am so excited for all of you! And you all look so happy! YAY! :)

Anonymous said...

I love watching your new home being built. It makes me feel like Im close enough to come and visit!!

Patty said...

I love all the photos. I am so glad things are getting done there so you can move into your new home soon. Tell Lucas that I know he feels very sad when he is at school and you are not there, but to please not be afraid, that everyone who reads your blog is thinking of him and he is safe and loved and we are all very excited that he is learning things for mommy to share with us when he gets home each day.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I can't believe how good the house is looking. I never thought that you would have those tiles, we call them "tejas" here, they are so elegant! For some reason I thought you had thatched roofs in Brazil, I think I am a little too ignorant of other places!!!

The house is just GREAT, inside with those beams, it is just beautiful.

Poor Baruck, I know what you mean about the urination, our kitty that almost died has that problem, his ability to be housetrained went backwards after he was sick, and finally, we enclosed the back porch with lattices and perches and things like that, he has a heated bed, a heated doghouse, a sunning area, a little "mist maker" for summer to cool the area, and so on. He also has the garage to live in, he has to LIVE out there now, he can visit in the house but only when I watch him or he will pee. At night I lock him on the back patio. Cat pee will ruin things, it is very nasty!!! Little Zen is so cute, don't tell Baruck...

Lucas is so adorable! All the changes are so hard for a child, yet he is trying hard & I am sure his natural intelligence and your love and support will let him become comfortable in his new school and life. In fact, I can't think of a better setting for him that the one you have chosen, close to nature.

Ha ha, it may be good for Lucas to be close to Grandma and Grandpa, but for YOU and Rodrigo...hang in there, soon you will have your house and can have some privacy and not to be mean, but to put some definite BOUNDARIES between you and his parents!!! Because even the nicest relatives can be "too much of a good thing." !!!

Marcia said...

The house is looking awesome! I'm glad everything is going so well for you all. One of my favorite shows on the CBS channel here is Survivor and they're in Brazil this time. It always makes me think of you when I see the commercials! I think with J and I, it's two step forward, one step back for the moment. I still get hurt easily but I think we'll get better. You and I are very lucky to have some great kids. They make everything worth it and so much more tolerable day to day.

Michele said...

The house is looking like a real home now, isn't it? How exciting to see that roof go on!! It's all coming together and soon you will all be living inside snug as bugs...

Beautiful pictures, it looks like your new camera takes very fine pictures.

Keep smiling, hang onto teach other for support, no matter what life throws at you, everything will work out just fine! You are all showing us that!


Enchanted Dawn said...

Yay, pictures! So many wonderful pictures, I don't even know which ones to comment on first!

The house looks wonderful! Love the roof tiles. Its getting so close to being done, can't wait to see more.

Poor sweet Baruck, he looks rough around the edges still, but I'm glad he's feeling and doing better. I wonder if his peeing has to do with being jealous of your new kitty? Maybe Baruck is marking his territory? I know male cats will often do that when a new cat joins the household-- especially if its another male cat.

Lucas looks so happy and confident in these pictures, it is sad to think that all changes when it is time for you to leave the school. I hope this week off won't set him back too far.

I can't believe how green everything is there! It all looks so lush. Nothing like here, especially now, when it is dry and brown all winter. Love seeing all that leafy greenery.

As always, it is so good to hear updates from you ! Hugs & saudades!

Shirl said...

What lovely photos. Your house will be wonderful!

A very different world to the UK ... :0)

KrisMrsBBradley said...

My gosh, looks like you've had your hands full since I was on last (I missed you!).

Glad things seem to be working out with Lucas' new school and that your kitty is feeling better.

Your house has come a long way!