Monday, August 25, 2008

A rainy weekend and a little sore throat

Lucas wasn't feeling very well the past four days with his old tonsilits. Thank gods it was a mild case this time, I believe that giving him a spoonful of honey every morning and having his throat sprayed with propolis 3 times a day had made the trick and the problem hasn't developed to a worse level like before. The fever was low, never reaching more than 38°C, which is a miracle! So we spent an indoors weekend, with a rainy Saturday to deal with.

Of course he was restless wanting to do something, so we decided making some crafts. First we replaced the old blue ribbons that held our decorating Goddesses doorknobs' hangings by others with nice beads. The one below was made by Lucas:

As you can see, he was proud of his creation (and as usual, happy to be photographed!).

Then we made another string of beads to the second hanging, the one that is on our CD's cabinet's door:

We have these hangings for a long time, I took the images from Internet and had them laminated. The ribbons were torn out with time, so it was a good thing to replace them. We loved the new ones!

After lunch, as Lucas was feeling better, he wanted to make some crazy crayons. I learned this from Martha Stewart' site. It's so cool and easy to do! Crayons are easily breakable and in the end I never knew what do with the bits that weren't good for my little artist to hold. Reading Martha's article was like a dream. Whenever we have enough old crayons, we make these!

Only after that, we had some TV, eating hotdogs and watching Tom & Jerry's old cartoons with dad, while the rain was falling heavy outside.

At night Lucas' fever was still there, but after a cool water shower, it decreased and he had a good sleep until the morning after. Just great!

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Hope Lucas is feeling better!

I love your Goddess hangings! What a wonderful craft to create!

And what is so funny, is that the little box you have sitting on your shelf -- I one almost exactly the same. I have all of my beads that I got from the craft store in them. Small world!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Nydia, there is something on my blog for you!

Michele said...

Aww... I really hope Lucas continues to get better each day!
You are such a good mom to make him feel so comfortable and happy when he isn't feeling so well.
I think I want you to adopt me on my sick days! =)

Dragonstar said...

Poor Lucas! At least he's not been so unwell this time. You managed a fun day with him anyway, and a good night's sleep can help a lot.