Friday, August 22, 2008

About the Sleeping Goddess

I learned that this gorgeous sculpture that I posted yesterday, called Mud Maid, is located at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, in Cornwall, thanks to the information given by Dragonstar and Aileni! Thank you so much, friends, I'm in love with it, and now with this amazing garden! The artist is Susan Hill, and at the Garden you also find another of her sculptures, called The Giant's Head:

Isn't it absolutely incredible??

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Janet said...

Amazing!! I've never seen anything like this. Thanks so much for showing it.

Miss_Yves said...

rEally incredible!
A dream or a nightmare...and a great job for the gardener(lol)
You are right about the glasses ;
Congratulations to your son for his experiences of eclipses ;
I love the sentence of your grandfather about "eyes"
Miss Yves

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Wow, those are just amazing. I have huge dreams of owning rolling acres of land. I would so want to do something like this!

Jerez Sherry said...

I'm inspired by Mud Mald!

Dragonstar said...

I'm glad I remembered that for you. As you can imagine, it made quite an impression when I saw the picture first.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you found the details. I have changed my URL to ailenidotblogspot so you might want to take note of that.
This figure fits into my own pagan view utterly.

Catarina said...

Titia, deixei um recado no seu orkut!! beijinhos!!!

Suzie Ridler said...

Absolutely incredible. I see things like this in nature all of the time, it's wonderful that other people are helping bring these impressions to life for those who can't see.

Thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone in being afraid of my garden! :)