Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favourite Things - All Stars!

Thursday is here again and Blue's cool meme is back. I was thinking what could I write about this week when I looked down and saw my theme: Converse All Stars sneakers! Above you see the ones I'm wearing today to work (hhmmm... I should have got them a bit cleaner before taking this shot...). I can't live without them, I'm addicted to this brand, and I pamper mine like babies! Even Lucas has a pair of black ones like his mom.

Unfortunately they're expensive in Brazil and I can't afford to buy them all (a temptation), so I only have two pairs now, this and a pair of black ones. I feel sooo comfortable and they suit most of my clothes - since I'm a very basic girl, usually or I'm wearing sneakers, or my boots, or low sandals when the heat is on. I confess I'm as clumsy as a horse wearing high heels sandals... I hate them! I know we girls look gorgeous on high heels, but I never use them, unless I have a wedding to go, wich I don't for years: people tend to live together instead of actually getting married - like me, I'm married in my heart but not in the paper, so my only pair of black high heels is hidden inside my wardrobe for ages.

I walk a lot when working, going to banks and other places, so I do need something comfortable to wear on my feet. The only thing that is better than my All Stars are my bare feet when I get home!

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

I love them, too! The first job I ever had in high school, I got just so I could afford to buy a pair of pink, high top All Stars! I wanted them so bad! The very first time I got paid, I rushed right to the mall to pick them up. I had all my skateboarding friends sign them and draw little doodles on them.