Friday, March 12, 2010

I see you!

This is so fun! I made this Avatar version using Lucas' photo, he looks so cute as a Nav'i! LOL
The original photo:

And the "I see you" version:

I have to find a good close-up photo of myself to make my Nav'i (imagine the horror! LOL)

5 comentários:

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Ha ha, you are getting a preview of Lucas as a teen, when the fashions will be really wild!!!

Marie S said...

Oh Lucas looks great as Nav'i.
He is really getting big too.
Thank you for visiting Nydia.

Powell River Books said...

You're lookin' good both ways. I bet Lucas got a kick out of it. I loved the movie. The story was great but the animation was amazing. I saw a short YouTube on how it was done. Amazing! - Margy

Divaeva said...

So handsome! <3

Bridgett said...

So cute! I'm almost scared to see myself as an Avatar. LOL