Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A cool thing I did with my little witch this weekend (before rain fell again *sigh*) was to plant some herb seeds. I always love to have herbs at home, and since we moved to mom's, we only had basil planted.

So I got this long vase and we planted on Sunday afternoon (a Full Moon is always a great day to plant, don't you think so?) the four basic herbs I think every witch should have at home : rosemary, mint, thyme and sage. I still want a beautiful Lavender (my favorite of all) growing here, but I just can't find seeds or seedlings anywhere (but in Brazil we still have a couple of months before it is blooming again). I also want to have the other six types of Basil left to plant, and chamomile, angelica, calendula, jasmine, and so much more... Actually the whole pack! LOL

But as a start, this is enough for me, time is on my side. Lucas do love dirting his hands and feeling responsible for bringing to life these special plants. As soon I have "babies", I'll post here!

3 comentários:

Dragonstar said...

Growing things with children is a magical experience for everyone concerned. I love it.

Rue said...

Gardening is so exciting, but herbs are really some of the most wonderful things to grow. They are so rewarding, and can be used in everything from food, to flower displays, to any magickal working! I love herbs! Enjoy your growing!

Bridgett said...


I agree with your 'must have' list...with the addition of sage and lavender. :)