Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little story about a dream pillow

Today I finished my first dream pillow to list on Etsy. I remember reading about it at Mrs B.'s page (of course! :o), and some time ago, when Lucas started waking up ni the middle of the night - and after being sure everything else was okay, including his little mind, I decided creating my own version of a dream pillow using felt, using his fav colors, blue and red. I hand-embroidered protective symbols, as well as his initial and a waxing moon on both sides, and stuffed it with my three favorit herbs, lavender, chamomile and rosemary, plus tiny amethyst, rose quartz and cat's eye. I left it on my altar, and on a full moon night, I charged it with the proper intention. It worked just fine! Lucas sleeps all night long until the next day.

Then it was funny. My sweet catholic mother came complaining that she was waking up every morning exhausted, because in her dreams she was always busy cleaning the house, doing the dishes and making the laundry, poor soul!! LOL I had to laugh, she told me her dreams in such a funny way... So I also created another pillow for her, following the same process I used in Lucas', only changing the hand-embroidery and felt color. Three days later mom said she would send people carrying torches to burn me, because her nightmares ceased! LOL

Then I thought, "why not making one for Etsy?", and I created this one, it ended up so cute! If it sells, I'll make more:

Thanks, Holly, for the wonderful felt supply you gave me (remember??), all pieces are the perfect size for this project! I knew I would have the right, honoured thing to use them :o)

4 comentários:

Dragonstar said...

How lovely Nydia! Such a pretty little pillow.
I love your story about your mother.

windchild said...

Wow, this looks fantastic! That's a great idea! I've never made a dream pillow before, though I am familiar with the concept. Your version looks so very beautiful!!

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

That's so pretty! And what a great idea.

Bridgett said...

These are really adorable, Nydia!
If I start having're the first person I'm coming to! :)