Monday, November 9, 2009

Crafty Chick is selling her Creations!

Danae, aka the Crafty Chick, is about to open her first Etsy shop, and is displaying many of her super-cool art on her blog, where people can already choose and buy directly via Paypal!

She's got many beautiful item, from jewelry to greeting cards and scrapbooks.
And you can help her to choose her Etsy shop's name as well!

Go check it out, it's really worthy!

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The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

You're so cool, helping out your friends:) I'm going to head over there now and take a look:)

craftychick1221 said...

Hi Sweetie! Thank You (again) for putting out the word about my art. I have been so busy I hadn't yet had a chance to come by and see it with my own eyes. (And no- unfortunately not busy with sales! LOL) But I am so happy to hear that you ARE! YAY Nydia!
And how incredibly sweet of you to help Kimberly. Her patterns & Tea Towels are deightful. And I love the little button Mrs. B made for you!
(Mine is FINALY up for my Crafty's Cup blog- but I'm still struggling with the other 2. I hope u can stop in and swoop one up.)

Now, off to catch up with your other posts.

Love to you & your lucky little boy Lucas!
~Danae aka 'Crafty'