Monday, November 23, 2009

By Lucas

Lucas found this cute stray cat on our way back home ter playing in the park this weekend. How to resist?

Today I got weird cramps, seems like my old kidney tiny stones are back. Great news since I was born with only one kidney (still considering suing my mom for this...). SO I'm drinking tons of water, and preparing some psyllum tea to help me get ride of them. If I dont get any better unti tomorrow, i'll have to go the doctor. Damnit.

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Powell River Books said...

Our beloved Stick Tail was a stray that adopted us about 15 years ago. He has been the best cat for us and now my mother. Hope you get better with just the tea and water. I've never had stones but have heard they are very painful. - Margy

Mist said...

Sending some serious healing energy your way, Nydia. I hope things resolve on their own and you are feeling better soon!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Nydia, we have similar health keep drinking that water...please rest, too!!!

That is the first BRAZILIAN CAT I've ever seen! And seemingly like most ladies of Brazil, she is so pretty!!!

Bridgett said...

What a pretty little cat!

And I'm so sorry you're feeling lousy. Sending healing energies your way!


Enchanted Dawn said...

What a pretty kitty! Of course, I'm partial to calicoes. I'll bet Lucas is just thrilled.

Sorry to hear about you kidney problems! Can you get ahold of cranberry juice? That is supposed to help a lot, I drink it just to cleanse my kidneys. Hope you feel better fast.

Patty said...

I have a calico cat, they are sweet.
I hope your kidney problems clear up soon. I am not sure what types of juice you have avalible in your part of the world, but if you can get it drink cramberry juice. It helps. Also for the kidney stones drink lemaonaide it cleans out the kidneys and keeps the stones from coming back
Take care

Dragonstar said...

Lucas takes a great photo, doesn't he?

I hope your home treatment works - and quickly! Kidney stones are so painful.