Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yule here

First of all, Happy Litha to all my pagan fellow friends on the Northern Hemisphere! I hope you guys had a great day!
Our Yule was the sweetest. This was our first sabbath in Da House, and I wanted it to be special... and it was, simple and fun. Lucas woke up very early in the morning on Saturday, eager to start decorating our kitchen table with our little Yule tree. So we had breakfast and spread my altar cloth on the table, and he immediately started hanging the pagan motifs on the tree, and took others to decorate his own altar. We took little wooden sticks to place the candles (Rodrigo found richaud candles here! I should know he would try everywhere, after watching me so frustrated! They're the cheap kind, too thin and fragile, but worked alright!), after drawing magickal signs on them:
While Lucas was busy gathering wood for our Yule log outside, I prepared for our sabbath lunch my special Chicken Pie  that Rodrigo loves, decorating it with cute Suns and stars. Lucas adored it and wanted to eat one of each! I must humbly say it was delicious! For dessert we had apples filled with cinnamon and sugar on the oven, Lucas' favorite.
We found a big log to decorate with our wishes for the Winter Solstice, and while doing so, I once again told Lucas the story about the Goddess giving birth to the Sun God, etc. He always find it weird, that the Mother gives birth to the son to, later, make love to him! And there I go explaining what's behind it...
In the evening (which positively arrived early as the longest night should!), my faithful knight lit the fire outside, and we walked around it in silence, sending and getting good vibes from the fire, and wishing/thanking for what we've got/need. The night was chilli, and later, my inlaw came with a bowl of popcorn we enjoyed eating adn sharing with the pets. I felt so in peace under the starry sky, and was thankful to be there with my little family:
So the Winter is officially here! We are really facing the coldest nights, and at the same time the best ones, full of stars ever - how beautiful these nights can be then! Hot chocolat in bed while reading is really a must now, Brett! LOL There is not a single evening (and early very foggy mornings) when we don't have it or some hot tea as well.
So blessed be this Season for all of us!

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amy said...

Oh happy belated Yule to you all! I forget you are opposite. :) I love the design on your chicken pie too.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

You bring tears to my eyes. I love your energy... perhaps I love Gemini's when they live on the opposite side of the world because they are truely the opposite of what they are here!

Your family warms my heart... thank you so much for sharing *hugs*

Janet said...

What a wonderful day you had. Family, good food, and a is good.