Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photos at last! Part 1

What a relief! I thought I would never be able to post any images again here! But enough of complaining... Above is Lucas having a lazy snack in the afternoon at our kitchen... A good start for the photos, right? :o) Unfortunately, this computer is obviously incredibly slow, and my time is short as usual. So I'll post today part of the photos, showing the kitchen and family room, and next week I'll try to post the rest, ok? Thanks everybody again for your words of support and sweetness, you are all amazing, it's simply great to come here every week and find your words, they make my day (and week!)

Well, our kitchen is cozy and I love to spend time cooking there... Here is the angle where you can see fridge with our Wheel of the Year and lovely goodies from my friends, and our brand-new stove:

Here is where we have our meals everyday now:

We still don't have a proper place to store our food and stuff (everything was built-in in Rio's apartment), so our old iron shelves are very handy right now:

My harvest goddess is taking good care of our kitchen, along with other friends:

Like my kitchen witch, at my kitchen altar I arranged att he window, where I can see it while I cook and eat!:

Our family room, empty for the lack of book shelves (I miss them around!), with only our sofa and TV so far. As soon we have money, I'll buy cloths to make curtains and cushions:

Here is Misquim drooling at the zillion birds outside:
Another angle, with our front door and Rodrigo's guitar on the corner:

Ai, ai... Gotta go now. Have a wonderful week everybody, and take good care until we meet again!

Kisses from the country gang!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

How pretty, Nydia! I like that it isn't all crowded with possessions, it looks very light and airy and comfortable!

My husband made me an armoire out of old pickets (boards) from fences to put my canned goods and packages in, as this house has so few cabinets and only a few closets, and one closet has the wild kitty living in it. He only comes out at night and creeps around bless his heart.

The varnished doors look so pretty, like they are glowing!!!

I like that picture of Lucas just peeking over the edge of the table. The new stove looks great!

Powell River Books said...

It's good to see the pictures. I know you have been patiently waiting to post them. I love kitchens. Yours looks very functional. I only have open shelves in mine. I think the colours of the packages and pots and pans are almost artistic. I like the way your open shelves look. - Margy

Tori said...

Your home is adorable! It looks so comfortable to live in, I love it. Can't wait to see more pictures. <3

Genie Sea said...

Absolutely charming! Your kitchen is so cozy and warm! :) And the view outside! Ai! Lovely! :)

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Wow, such a great home! I absolutely love the big, open windows - they have such a great shape! I'm so happy you are finally all moved in turning it into such a comfy home :O)

Janet said...

Your home looks lovely and very welcoming. I would love to sit at the kitchen table with you and have a chat.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's so exciting to see your house with you guys living in it!!
What gorgeous windows with spectacular views!!! It all seems like such a calming, soothing environment......and Lucas as always, such a cutie!!
Your kitchen is amazing...personally I like the open concept where everything is displayed and within reach. (I took all my cupboard doors off!)
I love your kitchen witch!!

Michele said...

A very beautiful home... no matter what looks inside, it is the people that really makes the home!


Divaeva said...

What a beautiful home you have made! I love it!

and now - Tag, your it! :)

Anonymous said...

Oi Nydia !!!
Acompanho seus blogs (port/ing) há um tempão, desde antes de vc mudar !!!!
Sua casinha é muito fofa e o Lucas nem se fala !!!
Deve estar sendo um momento muito transformador prá vocês ... sair de uma metrópole para um lugar mais tranquilo, e todo esse contato maravilhoso com nossa Terra Mãe. Um beijo, e continue postando suas fotinhos.

This Guy said...

Wow!! Loving the new place Nydia! Cant believe the amazing view you have, wanna trade houses with me? hahaha Im sure in no time your house will become a home! Many blessings to you in your new home! ;)Cant wait to see more and more and more pictures!

Enchanted Dawn said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful! So homey and cozy looking. What a great place to cook. I just love all the wide-open windows in your home, too. So happy you are getting settled in. Can't wait to see more pictures.

BTW you have an award waiting at my blog-- scroll halfway through the post "This, that, the other"


Miss_Yves said...

Really cosy !
Even the cat, the witch and the guitar feel counfortable !