Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diva's meme for me

Sweet Divaeva tagged me last week, to list six things that make me happy. I have already been tagged for this meme, but there are always more six things to add to my list (and everyone's, right?). So here they are...
1. Hot chocolat! Specially lately when the temperature here comes down to incredible (to our standards) 12º Celsius, if there's one thing I love is drinking a huge mug of hot chocolat, while watching for the 100th time Harry Potter with Lucas (he's again stuck with his three first HP movies, watching them everyday!!!).
2. Soups. I love them, I die for them... Another winter stuff I love to warm myself. Pumpkin soup, potato and brocolli soup, all vegetable soup, the list goes forever... With toasts it's the perfect dinner.
3. Litting my lavender candle I got from Mrs. B's awesome giveaway, while I cook in the morning (I cook early because Lucas needs to be ready for school around eleven!). The scent connects me to the right vibe while I prepare our meals.
4. Reading in my bed before sleeping. This is such an old thing in my life I can't remember when I started doing it. I remember reading comics in bed when a child and falling asleep in the middle of a story. I just love curling myself under blankets and devouring a good book. Lately it's hard for me to get something new, because, ai, ai... There's no book stores here!!!!!! Alas... There is a library, but with very few good stuff - mainly catholic books, being this tiny town a very catholci place. At least I got some Reader Digest's condensed books, and even one book in English called "the wind on the willow", a sweet child book.
5. Taking photos with my camera (when I remember replacing batteries, that's it, as Rodrigo so wisely reminds me now all the time). I love taking photos of everyhting around, specially, of course, Lucas'! LOL It's precious to keep these memeories, and Nature here is so beautiful it's a temptation to keep the camera hanging on my neck.
6. Simply being alive. Some days are not so great, being distant from my family and so on. But there's not a single day I don't thank the gods for being alive. I am very aware that I am very lucky for having a solid family background and for my physical, mental and spiritual condition, and I never forget it.
Well, that's it for now! Now I tag everyone who wants to join the fun! :o)

4 comentários:

Tori said...

Love your 6 things. They're so sweet! You're right there's always another six that can be added to a list! Wishing you much joy in your life. <3

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I like your Happy List, Nydia!

And I will try not to go crazy that you do not have a wood-burning stove there to keep you warm!!!


I love soup, too. My favorite thing to eat.

This Guy said...

How about Hot Chocolate IN bed while reading?? Hehehe, now that sounds like a winning combination! LOL

I think my most favourite thing is fresh bed sheets.. all crisp and clean from the dryer!

Janet said...

Love your list! It gives me another peek inside your wonderful life.