Monday, April 27, 2009

Updates on Da house

Hi, my friends!! Seems like ages sinced I last posted here. So basically today is aaaall about the house - bear with me! LOL

Now we're really in the final phase. Painting is on the very begining, and we're trying to finish everything until the end of the month, since now is the coffee harvest time, and my in-law needs to start his harvesting, and let me tell you, this is a very hard work! It's when this little town wakes up in a fever and local commerce gets to its peak. It starts now, April, and goes until June. If coffee is not taken till then, it is lost. So all the farmers are a bit stressed on the hard work that begins, waking up with the birds in the cold mornings, working until sunset. Rodrigo will srtat helping his father on his big plantantion, and at the same time, he will harvest his own little plantation (not the one by the house-to-be, but another small one that in-law gave to him last year.). After a long time, I'll be at home, unpacking and putting things in place while he's out there, being a farmer guy. I like the idea if taking this time to take care of our house for him. Rodrigo spent these six years since Lucas was born taking care of him while I work full-time outside, so I feel happy to switch places. At least until I find something to earn money as well, but not like before - I don't want to be away from home from 9 to 6 anymore!

Last afternoon was great. At the New Moon, while everybody was reting after lunch, I went with Rodrigo and Lucas to bury our Witch's bottle. It was finally completely filled with needles, nails, bits of iron and broken glass, salt and rosemary, and some of our hair. The bottle was sealed with natural lid and purple wax, and a pentagram was made on it. Hubby digged, son put the bottle inside the hole, and the three of us covered it with ground, while we kept thinking protective thoughts. So mote it be!
Then Lucas begged to start paiting his bedroom's walls with the color he chose, turquoise (he was so anxious he couldn't talk of anyhting else all day long), and we decided agreeing even thought the place was a mess of construction material stocked. We started paiting the corners on two of he walls, and that was enough to please my little guy, as you can see below!
We made some protective signs on the wall, and they will be soon covered with the paint, protecting unotticed... Obviously Lucas loved this part!
It's slowing getting a definite new look. The doors and windows are installed, and the wall got this first hand of white paint, to then receive the final color. Outside, it will be temporarily white - as the verandas will be contructed later,during weekends -, and inside, except for Lucas' room, it will be straw color.
Below is my beautiful kitchen's sink (I'll try to get a collser photo of it, it looks like there's chocolate melted on its surface, so cool!), before and after tiles half-installed,with a little "tiling table" beside it where I will prepare breads and cakes...
The only bad note is that it's going to be hard to get water from the ground. A professional team to dig the artesian well came twice here and after hurting the ground about four times,  they couldn't get to the water. Seems like there is a thick layer of stones 16 meters down. Sigh. They'll be back on Wednesday for another try. Rodrigo used his pendulum, and every time, the water was there, but couldn't be taken to the surface by the men. It's enervating, since we do need it to have our own water, independently from our in-laws. Please do cross fingers, ligt candles on Wednesday. Does anyoone know a good spell for this? 
The final photos: Fastly-growing Ringo already feeling at home:
... And Lucas almost - only almost - managed to look ugly with this vampire face (he loves making these faces!)...
Have you all a wonderful week, gods bless you!

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Wow! Looks so amazing! I hope they get the water issue worked out soon!

amy said...

Love all these photos and the update on your home. It looks so nice and sunny too. :) The painting definitely looks like a children's project for fun. Melody wanted to watercolor Willow's room before she was born but I stopped her. :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I like that turquoise color in Lucas's room, it's going to be very fresh looking.

Can they sink another well very near your in-laws and pipe the water to you? It seems there is a break in the stones where they have their well sunk...we use 2 pieces of wire bent at right-angles to find water, they cross over water (or over metal pipe), but I don't think that would help to know if the water can be brought UP...hope the well can be sunk sucessfully...!!!

Tori said...

It's looking great! Good luck with everything. =)

Dragonstar said...

Your beautiful home is coming on so well!

I hope all goes well with your water supply - loads of positive thoughts heading your way.

Powell River Books said...

I like seeing the progress at your new home. I love the paint colour you have chosen. It is so mellow. Good luck with the water. Wish I could send you some. - Margy

Enchanted Dawn said...

Love Lucas' vampire smile!

The house is looking GORGEOUS! Love the tile, its perfect. What a great idea to paint secret magical symbols on the walls of Lucas' room. He picked a beautiful color, too.

Sure hope they can solve the water problem soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Lucas the little turquois artist!!!
What a gorgeous home you're building's almost done, bet you can't wait to get in and make it all homey!!!