Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last night Lucas found our old live Led Zeppelin DVD, and wanted to watch it. He immediately fell in love with Kashmir, because, according to him, the riff sounds like the Iron Man song's riff (and it really does somehow!). And he watched it on and on and on and on... He loved the melody, the way Robert Plant sang it (*sigh* I had to refrain my tongue not to speak out my obscene thoughts about that gold god. What can I say, I adore this band, it's a perfect rock band in my humble opinion, and as a bonus Plant was that hot, at least to my eyes) , the way Page played, how intense the drums were... He was amazed as if he had discovered the fire. I was happy to share it with him, it was fun to watch his amusement. After he listened to it a lot, he played Whole Lotta Love and The Battle of Evermore, while air guitar playing them, so cute!

Every time Lucas dives into our box of CDs and DVDs and finds something "new", it's a pleasure to introduce him to those sounds, and to watch his reaction. It was like that with Beatles, with Pink Floyd, with Eric Clapton, and now, Led Zeppelin. It's like the world of music opening it up again to myself too, through his eyes.

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Genie Sea said...

Oh the magical world of children! A new world through their eyes :) Love it! :)

Michele said...

Ah yes, I love all these musics as well and it's refreshing to see the young ones take an interest in it as well!

Hugs to you all♥

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I have to laugh, all the teens here are now listening to bands that were popular when I was their age, AC/DC and Aerosmith, all those funny "hair" metal bands and such, they act like it's new!!! To them, I guess it is!

Dragonstar said...

You have an excellent taste in music Nydia (that means I like them too!) It's great to find younger people enjoying favourite music for all the same reasons.

Chaos and love said...

Lucas I understand!! Except when I was young it was my mom and dads records :) Have fun finding new music to groove tooooo!!!

Aileni said...

I have no Clapton but all the resst plus Dire Straits, Megadeth, and Heavy Metal compilation... and ELP.
I have exactly the same teeth as Lucas - trouble is mine won't grow back.
Nice to know you are all ok - we await the arrival of a second grandchild.
The word verification is BLESSI - seems apt.