Monday, November 8, 2010

New Moon thoughts

I love the New Moon. It's a time that always meant cleansing, getting rid of the old so the new can come into our lives, and making protection rituals to be sure the new will come with the best vibes possible without any bad influence. As I always did my cleansing in the whole house for years, now that I'm living at my mom's, I don't feel comfortable of doing anything like that anymore, no matter how supportive my sweet mother is. So I do whatever I want into our bedroom, in a smaller scale, which is not the same, of course. But we need to adapt ourselves to the current situations and get the best out of it, I know.
This month it was not different, and it was okay.

As it is also a great time for divination, I placed the gorgeous scrying mirror that my super-cool friend Nate, a.k.a. Maebius made for me some months ago. It's my first scrying mirror, and I'm so in love with it! It's so beautifully made with such care, empowered with the proper symbols and vibes and even smudged as it should. Maebius rocks (btw, you need to watch the video he made on his absurdly cute little son drawing a comic strip, unmissable!)! ;)

I'm training/disciplining myself not to freak out in front of this mirror. It's easy for me to get some "doors" or "windows" opened and get images and signs forming, but I simply can't control myself to keep the focus and not to be afraid of what I'll see. So far this was the second time I used the mirror, and for the second time, I could sense and actually start to see something, but the heck I could let it fully come, I just blocked it and called it a night both times. It's a big issue that I know I need to work on. As I always say, nothing happens by chance, so when Nate said he would send me the scrying mirror, I knew it wasn't a coincidence. It was like the gods decided it was time for me to stop being this chicken, and said, "okay, deal with it.". Okay, I will... In due time, I will. Just getting used to it and stocking my courage.

He also send us the 12 beautiful samples of sand you see by the mirror's side, from several places in the U.S. Lucas adored using Google Earth to see where each one were from (just between us, I love that application and the dizzy fall from the sky to the spot we want to visit!). Lucas was sweet enough and allowed me to keep them in a little glass jar at my altar, layered in the numbered order they came. So now they're proudly displayed with the magick stone from Marie Segal on the top of it. I used to have a glass bowl with stones and peebles from around the world brought by co-workers when I worked at GE, but they're all at my ex - I hope I get them back asap, so these samples are very special to me, specially coming from a really sweet friend like Maebius. It's starting over a new collection.

Oh, and I stumbled upon this cute ritual at Patti Wigington's page, that I plan to make next New Moon with my little witch, it's so simple and lovely to perform with kids! I hope the night is clear and not rainy then. Hope you guys had a prefect New Moon night as well!

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Unknown said...

If for some reason you ever need to stealth-purify your mother's house, just offer to clean for her. Mix up a 5-gallon bucket of hot water, some strong hyssop tea (or any other cleansing tea), a teaspoon or so of ammonia, and some blessed salt, and mop the floors with that. A bit in a spray bottle works well on carpets before vacuuming them, too.

Hell, you don't even need all that. Wiping down the baseboards with blessed salt water will work in a pinch =)

greekwitch said...

I love the little jar of sands. A beautiful represantation of the Earth element.
Brightest blessings to both you and Lucas,

Robin Larkspur said...

Hi Nydia, I have the same problem with scrying...a little panicky. So for now, I prefer divination with a pendulum, or, now that it is cold enough in my town in central new york for fires, I love looking into the flame. I think the scrying will come later, certainly not going to force it. Bright blessings to you and your son.

Maebius said...

aww, thank you for the great compliments, I am humbled. :)
Glad you liked the mirror, and the sands. What an awesome idea to layer them up like that as a representation of Earth!!

I should do some crafty blog posts sometime, on how I make some of the gifts I've sent around. Hmm...
Feel free to post the "recipe" for this mirror if you want, too, since your blog has a much larger readership, and mine's not updated nearly as often. <3

Anonymous said...

Nydia, as always, wonderful. I love the sand jar. I need to start one of those for my altar too. And the scrying thing is hard for me too. I found myself nodding my head when you said you blocked out the image. I am totally guilty of this. The mirror is gorgeous, and I would love to see how it is made.
I agree with those above that a little salt water on the baseboards will do wonders. And who would turn down a house cleaning lol.
And thank you for introducing me to Maebius' blog. That comic is super cute. I need to do some deeper exploring there for sure.

Alexis Kennedy said...

One of your best traits, Nydia, is your ability to adapt to your situation (like the Salamander) and you do it with such grace and style!
Thank you for introducing us to Maebius. He's amazingly creative.. now he's going to HAVE to start blogging more ;)

Hugs and blessings to you and Lucas!

Anonymous said...

No worries, dear. You will get it right when the time is right. I love the sand layers in the clear glass jar. Cool idea to represent the Earth element.

Lots of Love and Light to you and Lucas.


Wendy said...

Oh scrying in a mirror is powerful magick! I've never been able to do it and as long as you surround yourself with white light when looking in it, you'll be protected from anything dark that might disturb you. I hope you'll post more about your experiences and I love the sand in the glass, really beautiful idea :)