Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So here I am again. Life in this corner is very calm and different from Rio, of course. Sometimes it's hard to deal with my in-laws extreme personalities (she's very depressive, the poor soul, but very sweet, and he is explosive and very loudy), and the lack of privacy is another difficult point. But I keep in mind that the house is being built and that they are such sweet people who only want to help us and see our happiness so hard, so I really feel bad about complaining. Just some days are better than others. Actually I feel blessed.

Our meals are made in a kind of pellet stove, and they get so delicious! I "demanded" to have one installed in my back veranda so we can have some special meals prepared there as well. Our showers are also like that, so you can imagine how warm they are!

Nights are wonderful, we can see the starry skies with zillions of stars.

Baruck had a big fright last afternon: he jumped out bedroom window to explore the surroundings when all the 9 dogs chased him!!! He got so terrified that he broke all his "nails" (sorry, forgot the correct word!), thepoor thing! I bet now he will stay indoors for a long time... But he's doing fine, eating well and sleeping a lot like before.

So here are the photos:

A general look again, you see how hight the walls are getting? :o)

Here are Lucas and Rodrigo walking to the side wall after exploring the coffee plantation.

Lucas showing off his climbing skills...

With baby Tornado and his power milk!

An acerola tree. One single bitter-sweet fruit of this has more vitamin C than 3 oranges together! Rodrigo just planted three little trees in our place.

Baby Tornado and our coffee plantation.

Lucas' self-portrait - the little photographer is geting better!

But sometimes he still cuts some heads... :o)

That's all for this week. I hope you're all in good health and good spirit. I'm so happy to be able to share this experience with you guys!!
Take good care and see you next week.
Blessed be!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I really like Lucas's self-portrait. Very artsy!

Is the beautiful young lady with the top of her head missing from the photo you, Nydia? You are so lovely!

Poor little kitty, I hope the doggies get bored of him and he can venture out into the lovely countryside!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!! It's so beautiful!! And your house is fabulous! How great it must be to watch it be built from the ground up.
I love that you have your own coffee plantation - that is just so cool!
And all the pics....gorgeous. That Lucas is sooooooo CUTE!!

Take care sweetie and keep us posted!

Genie Sea said...

You are building in the middle of paradise. How relaxed and happy every one looks, especially Lucas! :)

Kelli said...

Nydia, I'm so happy to see your home taking such lovely shape. It's so exciting! My Thane is planning our own farm daily, drawing pictures and making plans for how he will build everything. It's wonderful to have you as an example! I'm also so happy to see sweet Lucas; please tell him hello from me, and tell him I am on the lookout for our bobcat, who has been hiding so far this winter. :)

Tori said...

Your home is going to be so beautiful! Lucas looks like he is having so much fun.

Maebius said...

How awesome it must be to have your own home built by hand, knowing that your energy is literally in the very walls of the place!
The plantation also will be a great hands-on experience with the land and nature. I'm sure the stars there are simply amazing!
I'll also say that little witch of yours has an "eye" for self portraits, and is very artsy!!

Anonymous said...

WOW - it is growing apace. It is never easy living in with family or having your family living withyou. At least it looks as if it won't be for long.

Miss_Yves said...

Hi, Nydia, If you want to play, the rule is written on my blog
"détails aléatoires/random things"

Turtleheart said...

It is wonderful to see your house getting bigger and more finished. Its going to be beautiful! Lucas looks like he's having such fun watching as the house is built. And I can already see that the coffee plants are getting better, too.

Sorry to hear that you are missing your privacy, that would get hard after a time, no matter how close you are to family. Everyone needs a little space. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before you have your very own house and all the space you need.

Hugs and saudades... (did I say that right?) :-)

Suzie Ridler said...

It's amazing to see the house being built! And Lucas is still such a cutie. I hope he forever plays with the camera, I like his take on the world.

Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes from all of you! You're the best.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, before you know it your house will be done! And it doesn't look all that far away.

Anonymous said...

It's going great! Do I still send your PIF to the address you sent me or to a different address? Let me know!