Thursday, January 29, 2009

From this little corner

And here we are! I hope you are not bored to tears with my recent only topic of posting!! Sometimes I simplyfiorget that my enthusiasm on this stuff may not be so interesting! LOL
Well, life here is just the same, after years of working hard with an hectic routine. I'm taking these days of leasureas a bless. Of course sometimes is enervating to depend on others to simply go downtown to access internet, so as soon as possible I'll buy a bike so I will be more independent and not will not disturb anyone.
Actually this is the only thing that really upsets me, not being able to freely go to the city when I want to. Oh well, guess that's how I'll work my notorious anxiety and impatience, I'll learn to deal with my owntiny demons.
Nature is exuberant and Lucas loves to find new plants and wild flowers to show me. I don't know their names, so if you know any of them, please let me know!!:

On the wiccan side, Lughnasadh is approaching and as we don't have our altar set up at my in-laws', because we're sleeping in one single room, the three of us, and there's no space available to it, I decided tha ton the day I'll go to this little road where I daily walk with Lucas, and lit a candle, burn an incense and leave something to the gods, ina little celebration:
It will be sweet anyway, and maybe we can make a corn doll and bake a bread in honour of the day. I just can't wait to have my altar at our house and turn it into a magickal space. I do miss playing with this side of my life, but by now I can't focus rightly.
Last Monday we enrolled Lucas at the local public school! He loved the place, full of plants and with more space than his old school. I'm anxious for the next week, when the classes start, to see how he'll react to the new teacher and friends. Education it's a bit different in the rural area comparing to a big city, so I'm a little nervous about it. Let's see how things work!
Here are the last photos of the construction. The roof is starting to be installed with eucaliptus wood as a skeleton to the shingles , a complicated phase to me, full of math and care. It will take around one or two weeks to be done. Then the walls will be covered with a thick layer of "paste" so it can be painted in the color we are still deciding. Then next step will be the installing the interior tiling and stuff. Of course, my nails are gone decades ago, so anxious I am! LOL
Taken from the top of the little hill behind the house, you see my in-law measuring the eucaliptus wood for the roof:
And Rodrigo inside our kitchen-to-be:
Lucas improving his climbing skills and bringing me some white hair...:
I wish everyone a great week!!!!

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Divaeva said...

Hi there! I have been reading your blog since back in October - found you through Mrs.B - your home is really coming along and oh my - what a beautiful location! I wish you nothing but the best!
Blessed Be!

Maebius said...

How awesome! watching your house be build with your own hands, ground the ground up.
Don't let those white hairs from Lucus climbing get you down, though. Tell yourself it's a mark of a Wise Witch. *grin*

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo know, Brazil looks a lot like where I grew up, in New Orleans, many of the same plants -- hibiscus, black-eyed-susan vine, lantana, verbena -- a lot of lush vegetation -- so pretty! I hope you don't have as many bugs as we did, many bugs live in the South in the U.S.

I hope you get your bike soon, is it a pedal bike or the motorized kind? I have a very old bike you pedal, it has a basket on the front and back, I ride it everywhere!!! A bike gives you a lot of freedom, it never needs gas, just leg power!

Hang in there, soon your house will be built and you can have some privacy and get things settled nicely. But it is hard to be crowded and to be in someone else's house, no matter how nice they are!

Enchanted Dawn said...

I love seeing the progress on your house and hearing about how its being built, I think its so interesting! I'm excited to see it finished, its going to be so lovely!

It is good to hear that Lucas is excited about his new school, that is a good sign! Maybe he'll be too excited to be anxious on the first days.

Your ritual idea for Lughnasadh sounds lovely. I always like opportunities to celebrate outdoors, and what a lovely place for you to celebrate! So lush and green.

Love, love, LOVE that first picture of you and Rodrigo!

Suadades as always... Its good to hear an update from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love looking at all your house and area photos on things it's so different looking and exotic! It's so nice Lucas seems to be loving it there as well. Have a good weekend.

Tori said...

Those flowers are beautiful! And your house really is coming along. I can't wait to see pictures when it's finished!

Anonymous said...

The house really is coming good - so happy for you.
Starting school is bound to be a source of anxiety, I hope Lucas likes it.
I am sure you will regain your focus once you are moved in.
Take care - you are looking very well, all of you.

Suzie Ridler said...

Absolutely amazing to see the home grow before our eyes and my oh my! Lucas? What are you doing scaring your Mom like that? LOL. I bet it was just too tempting to pass up climbing up that wall of earth.

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

Aw Nydia I miss you so much!
I was thinking about you last night. I was in one of the stores here in Denver and showing my boyfriend around. I was looking at the fairy houses and the fairies and told my guy.. "I would love to get one of these fairies for every season, and send them down to Brazil with Nydia when the season is over here, so they can experience their season all year long and the experience in another country."

Missin' you so much! Your house is looking wonderful... I can't wait to see what you do with it, I'm sure you have dreams of what you would like!

Take care hon... Lilith

Chaos and love said...

how exciting. I have been following you blog for a bit. My son is having a hard time not finding many pagan friends. It's wonderful to see your family and all your positive light!!