Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday part 1

Blue launched this cool meme, Favourite Things Thursday, and of course I had to join. I love memes, and this is a sweet one.

Rules: The subject can be anything - person, animal, inanimate object. It can just be photo's, or written words or preferably both, explaining your chosen Favourite. All Blue asks is that you leave her a comment to say you're participating.

So here I was thinking about my endless fav things... I'll start with an easy one, Reading. This is one of my favorite things in the world. I love reading since my early childhood. When I learned how to read, I never stopped. And from my childhood is a Brazilian author, Monteiro Lobato, who is absolutely adored and respected here, and who wrote wonderful stories about two cousins who spend holidays at their grandma's farm. It's called "Yellow Woodpecker Ranch", where everything imaginable happens, in the company of a living doll called Emilia and a wise corn dummy, Visconde de Sabugosa. Lobato explored the Brazilian folklore like no one else did, and introduced me to a vast and beautiful world of wise words and incredible adventures, in a time Internet and cable TV were something light-years away from reality. You can't imagine the impact this serie of books had in my life as a kid, as well as in thousands of other kids' lives.

In the 70's there was a TV serie absolutely fairly-based on the books, with a high quality and perfect cast, and I would never miss an episode! The theme song by Gilberto Gil, echoes on my mind as I type this... I have almost almost the complete collection, and we are going to have a break from Harry Potter once I finish the second book, so I will start reading them to Lucas. Can't wait!! :0)

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mrsnesbitt said...

You must read The Daydreamer to him, when he is about 9! It is the best book I have ever read to children!
Great post, yes childhood memories eh?

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi again, thanks for the comment...yes it is indeed by Ian McKewan. As an adult you will enjoy the book. The chapter on "The Dolls" will have you crying with laughter. In fact they are all excellent chapters. The last chapter, when Peter Fortune enters adulthood is a chapter onits own, my least favourite, but the rest, every one is a gem!

Kyanite said...

Now, you've got me thinking of my own childhood stories.
What an excellent choice. I hope that Marcel enjoys the books as much as you obviously did

I love the way every ones contribution to Fav. Things is so different but personal.
So glad you joined in 7 shared.

Love to you all

Dragonstar said...

They sound exactly the sort of stories Lucas will love - all children love stories like this. I loved reading your post, it's reminded me of my favourite childhood stories!

Roan said...

I too love books. When my kids were very young I loved to read the Dr. Seuss books. I'm not sure why, probably the rhymes. Great post. BJ

Rosebud said...

My children and even my husband still ask me to read to them. When my eldest was in midle school and my youngest was in 1st or second grade, I read a book to the family called "Gates of Glass". I can no longer find it, but it kept them on the edge of their seat.

My husband wants me to find it to read to him and my Teen-Angel again.

I love reading, but not always aloud.

nonizamboni said...

Great posts and welcome!
Childhood reading is such an enduring memory and yours especially lovely--and Gilberto Gil singing the theme song for the television program? An added bonus!
Thanks for sharing.

Rosebud said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that the girl in the book is getting ready for the new school year and will be in the 5th grade. She gets trapped in a world behind her mirror, and she's not the only one in that world. She has to gather pieces of a precious stone to get back to her normal life on the other side of the mirror.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that compares to those treasured books from our childhood!!! And a show with a theme song by Gilberto Gil? That is so cool!!! (: