Monday, July 28, 2008

B-Day on the way

Lucas will be 5 next Saturday! He' so excited he only talks about it. Every day he asks me if today is the day, and I go, "no... just some more day...". I took our fridge calendar and marked the Saturday with a big heart, and now we are circling the days until the special one, so he can keep track of it and gets less anxious, I hope!

Is it a surprise he wants the party theme to be... Harry Potter? Not after our night readings... LOL Actually he wanted Peter Pan, but last week he changed his mind, so I'm preparing little things to give to the guests. I'm so p... off because I can't find anywhere any Harry Potter party supplies!! It's absurd... Thankfully Internet is here to help me, so I'm going to print wheatever I need in special paper and everything will be ok.

As we are sooooo broke lately, we'll have a very simple party. A beautiful cake, hot-dogs, popcorns, soft drinks, music... We invited his closest little friends (5 little rockets) and their parents, plus my mother and brothers and a couple of friends - enough to hve a full house. Probably only my middle bro will be able to come, since they all live in another city.

Until Sat, I'll be more than busy preparing everything! It's going to be fun, seems like time is too fast, soon he'll be graduating... getting married... having his own kids... :-)

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KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, gosh, my daughter is having a Harry Potter party in November for her birthday! Even better, the next Harry Potter movie comes out that month, so I'm getting off pretty easy for plans!

When my oldest was about 5, we had a "magical kingdom" party for him (way before HP came around). We did everything home made -- got big sturdy paper and made cones for wizard hats for the kids to decorate with craft "jewels" and glitter, got dowels from the craft store and had them decorate them for "wands", I hot glued jewels on plastic wine glasses for "goblets" and all the kids took home a small pouch with gold wrapped chocolate coins and the stuff that they made. We had more of a blast planning it than the kids did at the party, lol!

Tell Lucas Happy Birthday from New Jersey! I hope his special day is full of magic and fun!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh Happy Birthday to your little magickal boy! Just like Harry Potter but with a family who cherishes him and helps him grow. How sweet!

Kyanite said...

Meant to comment here yesterday!

How exciting to be planning Lucas's 5th birthday - think Harry Potter is a wonderful theme.
I'll be featuring him in ABC wed for the letter H!

And, due to a stupid local postal dispute I've still to send to Lucas, but have sent him an internet card for you to play with him - it's arrive on Friday as know you're off-line over the w/e!

Love to you all

Michele said...

5 years old already!?! Wow... he is growing! I like Harry Potter as well so he chose a terrific theme... yay Lucas! At one time Harry Potter had many things out but then I noticed the stores were starting to pull it off the shelves which doesn't make sense because many people out there are still HUGE fans. Hmmm....

You probably tried these websites already but just incase you haven't...
potter ideas 1
potter ideas 2
potter ideas 3
potter ideas 4
I wish I was there to help. It sounds like you will do fine though and I can't wait to see the pictures!!
((HUGS to you all!))

Maebius said...

Happy Birthday to your little wizard! My own is turning 5 next month, and it's fun to see how kids grow. I'm sure the party will be wonderful whatever you create!