Thursday, June 28, 2012

A lovely way to support a good cause

Today, June 29th, is the Red Nose Day, hosted by Red Nose DayRed Nose Me and SIDS and Kids, when lots of people around the world post a fun red nose on their favorite self photos, to support Australia on a serious cause: helping to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and giving support to families that have suffered the loss of a baby or child during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood regardless of the cause. For each Red Nose photo posted, $1 is donated to the cause. Their goal this year is to reach $25,000 and hopefully up! This is the second year that I join this by posting my silly photo on Facebook and sharing the info. 

During pregnancy, I read everything I could lay my hands on about motherhood & babies, of course, and I was well informed about SIDS. But it didn't mean I wouldn't get worried about him chocking during his sleep (he had a minor reflux case, to 'worsen' things): I had to check almost every five minutes to see if he was breathing the first nights, lol! A typically first-time mom behaviour, more normal than I thought it was. I relaxed after some time, but I was always alert and careful on how to put him to sleep, avoiding any clothes or covers that would make him choke, and especially, putting him in the right position to avoid choking. 

Information needs to be spread, and it would be wonderful if other countries adopted this lovely campaign to help moms and families and their loved babies. Mortality rates by SIDS is still high, after all.

If you want to join and wear a red nose, visit Red Nose Me and be silly for one day to help a baby! ;o)

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