Thursday, March 22, 2012

ABC Wednesday - I is for Imagination and J is for Japanese doll

Back to the fun. I missed last week's, but here they are, I & J.

Last wek's letter was I and this stands for Imagination. Like all the boys, my son has plenty if it! He's always exercising his wild imagination by drawing, painting, reading, writing, playing...

"No child should be permitted to grow up without exercise for imagination. It enriches life for him. It makes things wonderful and beautiful." ~ Mark Twain. As usual, Mr. Twain is right. ;o)


This week's letter is J, and it stands for Japanese wooden doll. I had a great-uncle, Benjamin, who was a talented and passionate architect and wrote some books on the subject. But he also loved exercising his imagination by making toys like wooden puzzles and little statues to decorate his house and give them to friends and relatives. One of the decorative dolls he made, back in the 50s, was this cute Japanese doll:

He carved it in oak and carefully painted it with bright colors, placing it on one of his shelves. I remember going to his place and admiring his many creations, and this was one of my favorite ones. Now it is here at my mother's crystal closet, among other family stuff, and Lucas loves taking it in his hands admiring too.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Always INTERESTED to see what you JUST shared.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Leslie: said...

That is an amazing carved piece! And I love how your son is using him imagination with that carton. I saved a huge box like that from when I bought something (can't remember what) and my 2 grandchildren played in it for hours, colouring it to look like a house wanting cut-outs for windows and everything!

abcw team

The Poet said...

Nice post. The Japanese doll is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Justified Indulgence