Friday, January 14, 2011

A new pagan shop!

You all know how I love to surf and find cool pagan shops to drool at their items and get some goodies. My dear friend Kallan just intoduced me to this really cool shop, Pagan Stuff Cheap, directly from Eye of Nuit. From altar tools to pagan books and decorative items, there's a long list of great stuff available at very reasonable prices!

I personally loved this BOS, and this one, and this cute box... But there's so much to heart!

I know this is on my list of favorite pagan shops now, and I highly reccomend it! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Super cool Nydia!! I'll have to check out those links.
So nice to see you here - I'm getting tired of so much time wasted on facebook.
I LOVE our blogs!!

Alexis Kennedy said...

Thanks for featuring Snowy's new shop, Nydia! She definitely has the best prices AND some of the coolest Pagan stuff on the web! Hugs!!

Powell River Books said...

I just saw a news report about the terrible floods near Rio. Just wanted to make sure you were all OK. - Margy

Myster said...

This world is getting even smaller! So, I found your blog through "The Secret Life of the American Working Witch" I'm following that blog and found a link for the new store my friend and I have been visiting for a while that I thought no one knew about. So that gave me a closer link to the writer of that blog... then I find your blog link on her site and I went to your craft section and noticed the mention of your etsy shop. So, I click the link and realize I JUST added your shop to my favorites maybe 2 weeks ago?? HOW COOL Is that??! I can't believe how small this world is. My Etsy name is When1Angels4cry and I have a shop now too! :D YAY! I love this world. Take care and Brightest Blessings!!

- Amanda

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much. This shop is a delight.